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Weekender: Is Veteran's Administration Hiding Rendlesham Facts?

We have many reasons to thank our servicemen: for their bravery, for their focus and commitment, for their selflessness and now, it seems, for their unwitting decision to forfeit their basic human rights.
A court case is pending involving Tech. Sergeant John Burroughs and the Veterans Administration (VA) , who are preventing Burroughs from...
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UFO Coverup--More Evidence

If there is nothing to UFOs and no coverup, why would one of the countries most identified with it seek to prevent the UN from investigating UFOs? The recent release of UFO documents from British archives reveals that the UK made a concerted and successful...
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Just like the evidence of the Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947, the files from the UFO sighting known as the 1980 "Rendlesham incident" in the UK are missing. The...
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