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Another AI Nightmare? Robot Bombs That Choose Who To Kill

Despite the disturbing warnings detailed in last week's Unknown Country Weekender, which warned of the potential dangers posed to mankind from Artificial Intelligence (AI), further news of our continued but highly questionable faith in this form of technology has emerged.

In a recent article in the New York Times, a form of...
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Mideast Missile Test May Have Been a Warning

Thousands of witnesses in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan reported a bright object streaking across their skies last night. It was traveling in a spiral with a large trail behind it. The Israeli Astronomical Association said that it wasn't a meteor and the Russians announced a successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile...
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Mystery ICBM Launch 35 Miles off LA Coastline--Case Closed...Probably

The mystery of the menacing-appearing contrail that appeared 35 miles off Los Angeles on the evening of November 8 appears to have been solved: US Airways Flight 808 was approaching the Los Angeles area at the time, on its way from Honolulu to Phoenix. The plane would have been flying with a filed flight plan because it was in Grade-A...
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