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The Mystery of Missing Flight MH370 - Plane Did Not Crash Into The Sea, Says Airline Boss

Seven months after the Malaysian airline flight 370 went missing without a trace, the mystery surrounding its disappearance is no closer to being solved.

Until now, the most widely-held belief is that some sort of incident occurred onboard, causing the plane to be placed on autopilot until it finally crashed into the Indian Ocean, but...
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Does The World Need To Prepare For Another "9-11?"

Some sources in the world's media are reporting the chilling news that jihadists have stolen several commercial airliners.

With the anniversary of one of the world's worst terrorist attacks looming on September 11th, itself involving the use of stolen airplanes, the possibility of the planes being used as part of a new and equally...
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Malaysian Airlines Loses Another Plane In Suspicious Circumstances

Breaking news indicates that yet another Malaysian Airlines plane has been lost. Malaysia Airlines confirmed in a Tweet that it "has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow."

Later reports have now suggested that flight MH 17 was shot down and has...
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Flight MH370 - The Mystery Begins to Unravel...

When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a trace in March, Whitley Strieber's Journal predicted that, rather than being the end of the story, this event could herald the beginning of a terror attack.

Now, as the mystery begins...
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Weekender: Could the Chilling Fate of Flight MH370 Soon Be Revealed?

The search for the missing plane, Malaysia flight MH370, goes on, with not a single shred of evidence being uncovered to date.

The aircraft went missing on March 8, as it travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Any morsel of new information regarding its whereabouts is being seized upon by the world's media, hungry for any news that...
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Flight MH370 - Is Sealed Evidence Being Concealed From The Public?

The most recent news relating to the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 is that it now lies at the bottom of the south Indian Ocean, off the coast of Perth, Australia.

Satellite pictures appear to show objects floating in the sea in the region where plane is thought to have come down.

The pictures, which were...
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A Dire Warning: the Disappearance of Flight 370 May Be the Beginning of a Terror Attack, Not the End

In his latest Journal entry, Whitley Strieber warns that the preponderance of evidence suggests that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked, and that the plane is probably still intact and on the ground somewhere, and, if so, represents the greatest...
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Dreamland Special on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

This week, Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe present a special on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. They cover other unexplained aircraft disappearances as well as the latest news about Flight 370. The special is presented in the first fifteen minutes of Dreamland. To go to the Dreamland page,...
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Terror Threat Received Days Before Flight MH370 Went Missing

Information just made available by China Airlines has indicated that Beijing International Airport received a terror threat just a few days before the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 went missing.

The identity of the terrorist is still unknown but he declared an affiliation with the East Turkestan Liberation Organisation....
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Missing Plane Latest: All Was Well Minutes Before Disappearance

It has just been revealed at a news conference in Beijing that the last communication from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, received just minutes before it disappeared, suggested that all was normal onboard.

Malaysian authorities have released details of the last message received by Malaysian air traffic control from...
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The Missing Plane: The Pentagon Says it Didn't Explode

According to a New York Times report, The Pentagon said today that a system it uses to detect the flashes of explosions around the world did not detect any such flash anywhere in the region on the night that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared.

The Malaysian military has denied that its radars tracked the missing...
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Flight 370 Cellphones Ring but are Hung Up or Go Unanswered

Some relatives of survivors are reporting that their loved ones phones are ringing, then apparently being hung up. If this is correct, then the plane may be down somewhere but under the control of somebody who does not want the passengers communicating. If the plane is under water, it's extremely unlikely that any cellphones onboard would still be...
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