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Brains Absorb More Information From Real Books Than From E-Books

Science has great news for bibliophiles who can’t quite get the same buzz from downloading an e-book onto their Kindle as they do from the purchase of a good old-fashioned paper novel.

Aside from the fact that Kindle removes the sensory experience of book-ownership - you can’t touch, flick through, even smell a Kindle...
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Your Kindle is Spying on You

In the past, reading a novel or book of nonfiction was a private matter, and publishers had no way of knowing how much you liked a book or if you flipped through it quickly or became immersed and enchanted. If they COULD know this, they would design books that were more compatible for readers' tastes. Well, now with...
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Are Ebooks Good for Students?

When it comes to textbooks, Kindles and other electronic readers don't really work because of the way the brain functions (but if you have an e-reader, you can carry Hybrids and The Key ...
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