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China Thinks We're Born With Our Brains

Americans tend to think that our IQ is a combination of the genes we were born with and the way we were educated, but the Chinese think that at least half of the variation in intelligence quotient, or IQ, is inherited. The average person's IQ is 100. The average Nobel laureate's...
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Jocks Smarter Than Bookworms (At Some Things, Anyway)

We don't know about football players, but English Premier League soccer players, NHL hockey players, France's Top 14 club rugby players, and even elite amateur athletes have better developed cognitive functions than the average university student.
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How to be Instantly Smarter

The idea of a simple, cheap and widely available device that could boost brain function (no more late nights studying for exams?) sounds too good to be true, but it may be a reality. Neurologists are coming up with brain stimulation techniques that may make us all...
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People in Groups Get Dumb

New research has found that small-group dynamics--such as jury deliberations, collective bargaining sessions, and cocktail parties --can alter the intelligence of some people, LOWERING their IQs. Could this be part of the reason for Congressional gridlock?
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