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Weekender: Fukushima - The Situation Worsens...

 As Japan finally allows residents living near to the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant back to their homes, the world is stopping to review the progress that has been made there over the past three years.

The area has been sealed off since the nuclear plant suffered severe damage after an earthquake and tsunami back in March 2011...
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Fukushima: Are the Official Reports Correct?

It has come to light that readings taken at the Fukushima atomic power plant last year were incorrect, indicating figures that "significantly undercounted" radiation levels.

The news has undermined confidence in the information released by the company so far, and many are asking if the world is being given the facts...
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Is Fukushima Causing Birth Defects in US Infants?

A mysterious cluster of unexplained birth defects is baffling health officials in a corner of Washington state.

A higher than average number of babies are being born with anencephaly, a severe birth defect in which children are born with part of their brain and skull missing. It is normally a rare condition, so when 23 cases were...
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Weekender:Fukushima - The Real Story

There can be no doubt that the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan was one of the worst in history, rivalled only by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia in 1986. The damage to the power station was caused by a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11th, 2011, and the Japanese authorities have struggled to...
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Fukushima: Risk of Future Massive Quakes in NW Pacific

Scientists have discovered the cause of the earthquake that caused the devastating tsunami in Japan in March 2011, and evidence suggests that there is a threat of future massive quakes in the same area.

The devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s Tohoku region in March 2011 was touched off by a submarine earthquake far more...
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Fukushima: A Continuing Threat?

The horrors of the Fukushima nuclear disaster have receded into the background for many as it no longer dominates the headlines, but in reality the threat continues and is being perpetuated by further incidents of adverse weather.

Typhoons hitting Japan have been contributing to the spread of radioactive substances leaking from the...
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Fukushima Radiation Causing Canadian Herring to 'Hemorrhage from Their Eyes'

The effects of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster extend further than was predicted when the event occurred.

Evidence collated by officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s lab in Seattle suggests that fish swimming in the Pacific Ocean close to the plant are becoming contaminated which means that...
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Fukushima Water Leak Could Go Out of Control has been covering the Fukushima disaster since it took place and we have never been satisfied that the public was being told the real story. Now it appears that highly radioactive water is leaking out of the plant and into the Pacific Ocean, and it is not clear when, or if, it can be stopped. Should the leak continue...
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Fukushima--Steam, Contaminated Water Cause new Peril

On July 17 and 18 steam was observed rising from Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, raising concerns that the damaged reactor's nuclear reaction had started again. If this has happened, another large release of radioactive material from the planet is probable. Then, yesterday, Tokyo Electric Power admitted that radioactive groundwater had leaked from...
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Fukushima--It's Getting Worse, not Better

Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power station was destroyed in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, but instead of the cleanup reducing radiation leaks, it has now become clear that extremely dangerous Strontium-90 is entering regional ground water at an ever increasing rate. This is believed to come from a...
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Fukushima Fallout Making US Kids Sick

Researchers have discovered that the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has had more drastic and far-reaching health effects more than previously thought: Young children born on the...
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Tracking Fukushima Fish

If radiation from Fukushima is detectable in fish, scientists can use it to trace the routes of the many sea creatures, from tuna to sharks to turtles, that make long journeys across the open seas.
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Radioactive Fish in Japan

Fish caught in the waters around the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan could be too radioactive to eat for a decade, as samples show that radioactivity levels in that part of the ocean remain elevated and show little sign of coming down.

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Fukushima: More Dangerous to US Than Reported?

Several new studies report that the impact to the US West Coast from Fukushima may be larger than anticipated. Radiation from the March 11, 2011 power plant meltdown contaminated the entire northern hemisphere within days, especially the West Coast of the United States. US environmental monitoring agencies have so far declined comment on what, if...
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Who Was Hurt by Fukushima

The radiation in the air due to the Fukushima meltdown does not seem to have been high enough to effect human beings. But there is one species it has devastated: butterflies. Exposure to radioactive material released into the environment has caused mutations in butterflies found in Japan.

Two workers at the reactor were killed by the...
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Frightening Fukushima Report

A Japanese Parliament report says that the government's claims about Fukushima are a complete lie. A Japanese government inquiry has come to the conclusion that the nuclear accident at Fukushima was a preventable disaster rooted in government-industry collusion and the worst conformist conventions of Japanese culture. But if Fukushima radiation is...
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Is That Fukushima Debris Dangerous?

The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant has been dumping almost a thousand tons per DAY of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean. Will the Pacific ocean dilute this enough so that it's harmless once it reaches our shores? And what about the debris ...
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Fukushima Radiation May Save the Tuna

Could there be something GOOD about Fukushima? We may be worried about bluefin tuna from Japan bringing radiation our way, but the FISH don't need to be worried: It's been discovered that radiation may save the species. Bluefin tuna are among the most imperiled...
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Fukushima Radiation Carried by Giant Fish

We know that Fukushima radiation is headed for the West Coast of the United States (as well as Alaska), but who would have guessed it would be carried along by bluefin tuna? These migrating fish traveled 6,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean to bring it here....
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Fukushima Radiation Heading Our Way

Despite official denials by the Japanese government and shrouded statements issued by our own government, it's becoming clear that we're in potential danger due to radiation from the Fukushima reactor meltdown blowing our way. It may also soon arrived on the...
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Fukushima: What's REALLY Going On

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has visited the Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Power Station and has sent a letter to U.S. Ambassador to Japan Ichiro Fujisaki, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko calling on them to convince Japan to accept international aid to help repair damage at the reactor...
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Fukushima Caused Cracks in the Ocean Floor

Submarine images have revealed that the Fukushima quake opened up cracks in the ocean floor as big as 6 feet wide. What effect this may have on future quakes in the area is unknown.

Coincidentally, shortly before the quake, researchers had taken photos of the same area of the seafloor where the crust would later rupture, leading to a...
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Fukushima Radiation Found in US Milk

Milk in San Francisco is being tested at radiation levels that are double the maximum amount allowed by the EPA, apparently as a result of radioactive cesium reaching California from the Fukushima disaster.

According to Energy News, three recent milk test results on cartons of milk with "best by" dates of 3/12, 4/9, and 4/...
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Fukushima Debris Washes Up on West Coast Beaches

Can we clean up our trashy oceans? When it comes to debris that floats in from the Japanese Fukushima disaster, it may be vitally important, because some of it may be...
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To Solve Nuclear Power Plant Problems, Use Another Fuel

Despite Fukushima, nuclear energy is probably here to stay. Can we make it safer by changing to a new fuel? It turns out there could be an entirely new type of nuclear reactor, that could not only be operated safely without generating long-lived radioactive waste, it could even consume the toxic waste generated by conventional nuclear reactors....
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Data From Japan Shows Big Quake Coming to West Coast of US

Scientists who are studying the Fukushima earthquake have uncovered data that predicts a "big one" in the Pacific Northwest, along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

The Fukushima quake was precipitated by what is called the "Tohoku area" of underwater plates. On the Weatherbug site, Sandi...
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Death Plume From Fukushima Hit US Hard

The radioactive plume from the meltdown of Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011, due to a 9.0 earthquake which led to a massive tsunami, was initially reported as harmless by the...
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Can Nuclear Power be Made Safe?

After the disaster at Fukushima, and the discovery that some nuclear power plants right here in the US (such as Indian Point, which is close to one of the most populated cities in the world: New York City) may be just as vulnerable, scientists are rethinking nuclear power...
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Baseball is Radioactive in Japan

What would you do if you were a baseball player who was afraid to slide to second base because you might pick up radiation from the dust? This would be as big a disaster in Japan as would be in the US, since baseball is one of that countries most popular sports.

There has been a vast radiation disaster in Japan, and efforts have been...
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Thanks to the Japanese Meltdown, We're Ready

We're prepared not only for a possible nuclear power plant meltdown of our own, but we're also more prepared for a terrorist "dirty bomb." The amount of radiation released during the Fukushima nuclear disaster was so great that the level...
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