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Chinese Scientists are Creating Monsters

Scientists are inserting human genes or cells into animals in order to create hybrids for use in medical research (NOTE: This is one of the books you can get from the Whitley Strieber Collection, complete with an...
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China is Becoming Dangerous

Is China a friend or an enemy of the US? This is a country that can be dangerous--and not just because of the adulterated food and...
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If You Visit China, Don't Eat the Food!

The Chinese may not need to wait 20 years for smoking or asbestos to kill them--FOOD may do it much sooner! They've...
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How Soup is Causing a Needless Slaughter

Scientists can identify zebras by their "bar codes"--now they can identify shark fins by zip code. Shark fins are illegally poached by the Chinese in order to make one of their great delicacies: shark fin soup. Tens of millions of animals are killed every...
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Chinese Food for Christmas Dinner

Westerners usually don't eat Asian food for Christmas dinner, but maybe we SHOULD, and there's no more need to be afraid of Chinese cuisine: It used to be feared that soy products (such as tofu) promoted breast cancer, but now nutritionists say that including soyfoods in a...
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