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Chilean Government Declares Sighting "Can Be Qualified As A UFO"

The Chilean government has released the results of a study that has declared two sightings of aerial phenomena as "genuine unidentified flying objects."

The study, which has been conducted by the CEFAA (Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), has analyzed two high-quality photographs of UFOS seen flying...
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First, Novel Viruses are Discovered, Now a High-Strangeness Web

A month ago, the discovery of an extremely strange virus was found in Chile. Now a strange and magnificent web has been discovered in the Amazon basin, possibly the most intricate and beautifully engineered web ever found. Norman Platnick, an arachnologist and Peter J. Solomon Family Curator of the invertebrate zoology department of the American...
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Extremely Strange New Viruses Discovered

A pair of startlingly unique viruses twice the size of the largest known viruses have been discovered by a group of French scientists. They have a shape similar to a container, and a completely novel set of genes inside, which made their...
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