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Is The Universe A Hologram?

As the hot debate over whether the next "Miss Universe" beauty pageant will take place in 2014, 2015 or not all, the real question we should be asking ourselves is: what actually is the Universe? Is it the vast, limitless vacuum of space that we conventionally perceive it to be, or could it be...a hologram?

And if it was,...
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Weekender: Earth-like planets may be common and populated by "designer humans"

Scientists now confirm that there is a high probability that the universe harbours an abundance of habitable planets.

NASA's Kepler telescope has provided information to indicate that one in every five sun-like stars is orbited by planets comparable to Earth. In broad terms, this means that there could be billions of planets capable...
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Do We Live in a 'Real' Universe--or is It Just Somebody's Toy?

Scientists have discovered that the universe is made up of plus and minus bits, just like a computer program. So, is the Matrix real? Do we actually exist as living, conscious entities or are we part of somebody's experiment...or perhaps even a toy?

The field of quantum chromodynamics potentially offers this unsettling explanation for...
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