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West Coast Talks on 911

Author David Ray Griffin has been a popular guest on Dreamland and now, if you live on the West Coast, you can hear him in person. Griffin's views about a possible 911 cover-up are certainly ecumenical: they have been put forth in book form by the publishing arm of the Presbyterian Church and now his article on 911 has been published by a...

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New Whitley's Journal Goes FARTHER Than Before!

Whitley Strieber has written a devastating new journal about 911 and what dark secrets may be lurking behind the fa

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Whitley Strieber wrote this story 5 years ago today: "The most massive terrorist attack in history unfolded in the United States today. The World Trade Center was destroyed, and the city's Emergency Management Center, Police Headquarters and City Hall were closed. The Emergency Management Center was in the World Trade Center. Yasir Arafat and...

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New Whitley's Journal About 911

In his new journal 911 Five Years On: War and Illusions of War Whitley writes, "Something else happened on that day that has virtually disappeared from the media, even from the work of the most thorough analysts." To find out what he's talking about, click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will...

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Church Published Book Saying 911 was Hoax

UPDATE - Perhaps as a moral imperative, Westminster/John Knox Press, the official publishing house of the Presbyterian Church, has published a new David Ray Griffin book titled Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action. Griffin has been interviewed by Whitley on Dreamland. Subscribers can still...

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Lies About 911 Exposed in Europe

Kim Bredesen writes in the July 1st Norwegian edition of the French newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique that the 911 twin towers collapse may have been a case of controlled demolition, as well as an attack that we knew about long before it happened but for some reason, did not act in time to prevent. Did the government want an excuse to invade Iraq...

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Were Toronto, London Attacks Keyed to 666?

Investigators in Toronto and London uncovered possibleterrorist plots last week, and there are eerie connectionsbetween the possible timing of the attacks involved and thedate June 6, 2006, or 666.

Since 9/11, there has been a suggestion that terrorists maybe using dates with occult or historical significance.9/11/2001 was such a date....

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911?The Questions That Won't Go Away

There is more and more evidence that the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was NOT due to an jet crashing into it?that it was a controlled demolition. Dreamland radio was one of the first to put forth this theory.

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Fake Terrorist Attack on the Way?

Investigative reporter Ken Welch reports on his website that a fake terrorist attack is about to take place in order to justify the continuation of the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act. While he relies partly on the dubious technique of reverse-speech analysis, his warnings make a certain amount of common sense and we are posting the story in...

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The 911 Conspiracy

Was 911 a conspiracy? This is the question that won't go away. In his latest Journal, Whitley Strieber asks, "Was 911 a Hoax?" Now activist actor Charlie Sheen is asking the same thing. In a recent interview, Sheen said that he thinks the US government is covering up what really happened on September 11, 2001. CNN has put up an online poll...

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Incredible Journal About 911

Whitley's new journal about 911 is a BLOCKBUSTER. In it, he states, "It looks very much like the United States of America is well on its way to becoming a dictatorship. By that I mean that its established institutions will no longer be robust enough to protect the rights they promise its citizens." You can't afford to miss this comment on what...

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How 911 Changed Their Lives

We all know that 911 changed the way New Yorkers live, the same way 7/7 changed the way London's residents live their lives. But 911 changed the way people in Central Ohio live too, even though there have never been any terrorist attacks in the area.

Homeowners near Columbus started buying different kinds of real estate than they had...

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911?Pentagon Bombed, Not Hit by Jet

Greg Szymanski reports on the website that radiation expert Leuren Moret says that the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a jet plane, on September 11, 2001. This fits in with the scenario proposed by Dave Von Kleist in his DVD 911 in Plane Site. While Szymanski gives no proof of his phone conversation with Moret (nor could he...

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NY Times Reports ANOTHER Major 911 Failure

The New York Timesreports that members of a classified military intelligence programcalled Able Danger contacted the FBI in 2000 with detailedinformation about a terrorist cell that involved theringleader of the 911 terrorist attacks, Mohammed Atta.

Lawyers at the Special Operations Command of the DefenseDepartment refused to allow Lt....

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Where Does Terrorism Come From?

At a time when London has recently experienced suicide bombings and terrorist attacks kill collation soldiers in Iraq every day, two Purdue University professors are turning to writings published 25 years ago try to understand radical Islam, through the writings of the French philosopher Michel Foucault, who reported on the 1979 Iranian...

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How to Call Loved Ones During a Terrorist Attack

Newswise - London had its own 911 on July 7 and Whitley Strieber warns that it will happen again. Engineers warn that in a major disaster, cell phones will not work for emergency communications because of the overload on the system. This happened in both the New York and London attacks. What does work, besides the two-way...

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Dreamland: After the London Attack, Specal Report from Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs is at the cutting edge of secret knowledge, and Whitley Strieber's penetrating interview brings out explosive revelations about 911 in the US that he has never revealed before. We recorded this interview a week ago, then terrorists attacked in London, so we did a SPECIAL interview with him about that subject, which is available free...

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Leading 911 Expert on Dreamland This Week

Theologian David Ray Griffin is not satisfied with theofficial explanations for September 11, 2001. His two booksare the most powerful indictments of the government's 911actions and explanations ever written. He has been featuredon C-SPAN recently, and is considered one of the leaders ofthe movement to investigate 911 more thoroughly....

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C-SPAN Blocked During Griffin Lecture--Listen Here!

According to letters received from Unknowncountry.comreaders, C-Span was not available on some cable outletsduring the broadcast of David Ray Griffin's talk, "911 andthe American Empire."

The audio portion of Dr. Griffin's talk is available byclicking on the word "Dreamland" on our masthead, andnavigating to the last item in the list....

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Why Did the World Trade Towers Collapse?

There's been an unsubstantiated rumor flying around theinternet that "gonzo" journalist Hunter S. Thompson waswriting an article on the collapse of the World Trade Centerwhen he killed himself, implying that there remains asecretabout what made those towers collapse when planes wereflown into them on September 11, 2001.

Will Knight...

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Debunking 911 Conspiracies

In its recent issue,PopularMechanics Magazine offers an article 'debunking' the '911Myths.' These alleged myths include the notion that therewas something attached to the lower fuselage of one of theplanes, that the Air Force failed to adequately respond tothe crisis, and numerous other claims, including the claimthat Building 7 was...

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New 911 Information on Dreamland

The 911 Commission Final Report has slammed the media doorshut on what really happened on that awful day. But thenSecretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made a couple of "slipsof the tongue," where he said that Flight 93 was shot down,and another where he stated that a missile struck thePentagon. What?s going on here? Whitley asksDavevonKleist...

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Towers Engineer Disputes Collapse Story

The official story is that the Twin Towers collapsed as aresult of damage done by the two aircraft that struck them.However, that may not be the whole story.

Mike Pecoraro was working in the 6th sub-basement of theNorth Tower when it was hit by the first plane. He and aco-worker were disturbed by a flickering of lights, whichcould have...

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"Black Boxes" Recovered From 9/11 Crashes?

Both the 9/11 Commission and federal authorities continue toinsist that none of the flight data recorders (FDR) orcockpit voice recorders (CVR) were recovered from thewreckage of the two planes that struck the World TradeCenter towers on September 11th, 2001. New York firefighterNicholas DeMasi claims otherwise. In a recent bookself-published...

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911 Dogs are OK?But What About People?

During the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11,2001, up to 400,000 New Yorkers breathed in air from thetoxic cloud caused by the buildings collapse. A U.S.government study shows there was a cover up of the truehealth toll from 911 pollution, which doctors think mayeventually cause more deaths than the attacks themselves.But the...

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Investigation Leads to Leaks About 911

As the Congressional investigation on 911 nears completion, secret information has begun to leak out. Before 911, Niaz Khan, a Pakistani living in the U.K., told the FBI he'd been trained by al Qaeda to hijack airplanes and was in the U.S. to carry out an attack. The FBI questioned him, then let him go. Khan says, "I told them before the 9/11,...

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Fifth Plane Planned to Hit White House on 911

FBI agents who interrogating captured al-Qaeda terrorists have learned there was a plan to highjack a 5th jet on September 11, that was supposed to be crashed into the White House. "Many, many people are saying many interesting things," says an FBI official. However, one FBI official says, "You have contradictory information coming from people...

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911 Facts Suppressed

Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball report in Newsweek that in preparation for the 2004 presidential election, U.S. government officials are trying to restrict public disclosure of an 800-page secret report prepared by a joint congressional committee. It reveals the intelligence and law-enforcement failures that preceded 911, including unheeded...

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