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Sun Rises in Greenland 2 Days Early

In winter, Greenland is dark for months and this year the first, brief sunrise was expected on January 13. Instead, the sun rose at 12:56 PM on January 11. The precise reason for this remains unknown. There is no apparent astronomical cause, as the constellations, the moon and the sun appear to be in their usual positions in relation to earth. One possibility is that the horizon has changed due to accelerated ice melt in Greenland. Unlike lower latitudes, Greenland has experienced an unusually warm winter, and the ice pack to the north may have contracted so much that the sun is appearing earlier than usual.

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Polar Shift?

There is no doubt in my mind that we are having a pole shift---here in the 4 corners area the sun no longer sets in the west and every body is talking about this-the reason why we may be having a pole shift is debatable-Being Native-I go to my elders for guidance and they are saying that the big RED daddy otherwise known as x is doing its regular fly by--as a matter of fact there is a group of artists from Taos that have taken pics of X and believe that the reason the Planes are mucking up the sky with false cloud cover is to obscure the view.
Joelie Smoke

ok ... not sure what is going on, but to me it seems the sun has moved in the sky ... it seems to be rising further south. I know it shifts slowly, but this seems to be a fairly impressive shift.

I live in N. East Tennessee.

Don't worry ... everyone already thinks I am nuts ... so go ahead and say it if you think it is true.

Any thoughts?


I agree with you. It seems to be further South here in Florida also. I can tell by how far it climbs in relation to the trees in the yard. The Sun is staying behind the trees all day now and it didn't do that last year. I don't think you are nuts either, just very observant of your environment which is a good thing. :)

Another story that corporate media missed. There are so many of them.

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