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Summer Treats for Subscribers

We have LOADS of special treats for our subscribers right now. You have a coupon that gets you a beautiful, hardcover copy of Whitley's wonderful novel Hybrids for only $5 (it makes great beach reading).

PLUS you get to listen to incredible interviews with contactees, such as Susan and Christina, both of whom learned all about UFOs from local Indian tribes.

And just in time for bathing suit season, EVERYONE can now get the download of Anne Strieber's famous diet book for $2 (it now costs less than $3). 

we only have 75 one year subscribers???? that's terrible!!! Next paycheck sign me up for a year if I'm not already! No wonder we're broke. We can't lose you guys!!!! You're WAY too vital!

Linda Howe had 740-something year-long subscribers last time I saw it was a statistic shown to people......which was some years ago mind you.......some obscure website shows that somewhere, not shown on her doubt it kind of tides her along - I'm one of them. As well as subscribing to Whitley & Anne's scenario.

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