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Subscribe by May 31 and Get the Path for Ten Dollars Off!

There is a coupon in the subscriber section offering $10.00 off the physical edition of Whitley Strieber's beautiful Tarot book, the Path. This takes the price down to just 95 cents.

The Path is unique in the world. There is no other Tarot book like it, and no other way of using the Tarot that brings such insight into life. The Path is the only place where the hidden wisdom of the Tarot is revealed as it was intended to be understood when the cards were first created.

Readers love the Path:

"I burned through it like lightning."

"The most profound information you will ever experience."

"This book is profoundly important to me on many levels."

Subscribe today and use the coupon on the subscriber home page! Current subscribers, you will find the coupon on the subscriber home page. Good until midnight, May 31, 2012.

I love this book. I read it years ago. It inspired me to buy the Tarot of Marseille deck just so I could lay out the path in front of me. Very powerful.
This would be great on my Kindle, will there be a digital edition available?

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