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Strange Sounds being Heard Worldwide

Beginning in 2011, eerie aerial sounds began to be heard worldwide. They consisted of roars, thuds, and a sound like a great trumpet echoing across the sky. As this became a well known popular phenomenon in 2012, a flood of hoax videos appeared on the internet, most of them using previously recorded sounds dubbed onto new video clips in order to give the impression that the phenomenon is more widespread even than it is. This is being done primarily with the trumpet-like sound, because it seems to fit the prophecy found in Corinthians 15: "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." It also coincides with millennial fever being stirred up by the arrival of the year 2012 and the predictions around the alleged end of the Mayan long-count calendar on December 21.

However, the fact remains that some of the recordings are authentic, and the question is what is causing these sounds. As some of them, in particular the roaring sounds, have been recorded when storm clouds were visible, it has been suggested that they might represent some sort of weather phenomenon. However, most of the recordings have been made when skies appeared to be clear, and there is no suggestion of wind even in those recorded against a cloudy background. A famous recording made in August 2011 in Kiev is authentic. It has been speculated by a Ukranian news station as possibly a resonance set up by construction in the area. You can watch this news story here.

They also compare the sound to that of the alien in the movie Cloverfield, and there has been speculation that the videos may be a viral marketing tool for an upcoming horror movie. However, the sound has been heard under multiple witness circumstances, so it is highly unlikely that it is viral marketing. In the case of this event during a baseball game, it was speculated that it could be wind blowing through the roof of the stadium, but there are no other reports of the sound being heard at Tropicana Field.

Many of the sounds, like the Kokomo Hum of the early 2000s, may eventually be explained in some way. The Kokomo Hum was explained by industrial activity, and this is also the probable explanation for the Windsor Hum.

Analysis of the new sounds reveal that their cycles vary with the location, from 11 to 21 seconds. The frequencies were uniformly low but also inconsistent. Taken together, these findings seem to rule out machines and to suggest a natural phenomenon. The difficulty with the 'wind' hypothesis is that there isn't any sign of wind in any of the authentic videos. For example, this forestry crew in Alberta, Canada is hearing a very significant sound, but there is no sign of wind around them at all. Fast moving air does not generate sound in and of itself. It must be passing an obstruction of some kind to generate sound, and the trees in this video are clearly not in motion. In addition, this does not appear to be a wind noise. Its variability, however, does suggest a natural origin of some kind.

There have been some claims that the sounds are associated with UFO activity, but so far none of these have been verified, and the few videos connecting the two that have appeared so far are likely hoaxes. Should we authenticate such a video, we will report it on Unknowncountry at once.

There are a very large number of authentic recordings of the sounds from so many different locations, and the sounds are so unique, that it does not seem appropriate to dismiss them as known phenomena at this time. The authentic recordings of these sounds remain in the realm of the unknown.

(This story is illustrated with a recording from Manitoba.)

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I heard a sound just like this in the Chicago area in Oct. I remember thinking how it reminded me of the sounds from the most recent War of the Worlds movie. It was so odd that I walk out into the middle of the street to try to figure out where it was coming from. It sounded a little like it could have been some huge metal machine with large moving parts, but I have been around all kinds of construction equipment my entire life and have never heard something quite like it. What is just as strange to me is that even though it freaked me out and it only happened a couple months ago, it was not until i heard multiple recordings on the internet that I remembered the event!

She may not be an expert, but has done her homework, and she has some common sense too!

Some of these sounds are real and some aren't!!! And there are duplications from other postings to make them seem they are all in a certain small time period. If I was outside, heard some of these sounds and filmed them the first words out of my mouth would be "what the hell is that"!!! I don't hear anyone except the Florida women reacting this way. She says "what is it" while hearing the roar of what sounds like a rocket that goes on and on. And wouldn't someone that lives close to NASA testing facilitlies be real familiar with these sounds and not question them?

The canadian forest sounds seem genuine, one forester comments-- 'It sounds deep'. Whitley and others have said it sounds like maybe a trumpet type of sound and I agree, I might add that it may also sound like 'angelic voices' if their is such a thing are also involved. The sounds especially from Budapest Hungry are very interesting, very Heavenly, and Brazen if they genuine.

I believe the sounds in the Canadian forest were simply gasses being emitted from release valves on equipment related to the oil industry up there. This hype is reminding me of the Jerusalem UFO and similar objects which ended up being nothing more than CGI.

The sounds seem to have been borrowed from the latest version of War of the Worlds where all someone did is to overlay the audio of the trumpet sounds onto the video; easily accomplished with video editing softare availiable. Do you seriously think if this phenomina was real, it would sound simply like a trumpet; I'd like to think it would be much more vastly richer, organic.

They should have at least attempted to create something originally bizarre such as sounds that consisted of a mix, such as the trumpet combined with the sound of a whale, eagle, etc; many sounds in movies were created in this manner. The basic lack of effort in doing so should immediately raise flags.

The fact it’s a sound that everyone can identify being associated with 'War of the Worlds' is just someone trying to get attention by hyping the 2012 end of the world scenario. Why give this any attention what so ever since the only thing it's going to do is encourage another series of faked videos a few months from now.

The Alberta vid that is linked here is actually a copy of one posted by YouTuber "Super0371": There are some interesting comments on  Super0371's video: most interestingly, that the bird sounds clearly heard in the background (along with what sounds like children's laughter) belong to house sparrows, which would not be found in a forest. One poster observed that the eerie noise appears very similar to the sounds in "Strange sound in Kiev again Aug.11.11. Опять странный звук в Киеве 11.08.11" ( I played both videos numerous times, and it sounds to me like the "Alberta" noise is a slightly altered copy of the Kiev noise (along with other ambient sounds).  So the Alberta video is quite possibly a hoax. I haven't dug into the Kiev video yet; it sounds intriguing and I would be disappointed if it were a hoax--although it might have a pedestrian cause, since it was made in an urban area.

@AFutureGhost---what,what, your confusing us!? Quite possibly, maybe, oh come on. Now we know several sounds were copied on u -tube but if your not absolutlely sure then don't post!

sorry, AFutureGhost my mind was mindlessly being consumed late at night by the infamous ethanol. Please disregaurd completley my previous post and I apologize!

I've been studying the supernatural for decades, and the only thing I'm for sure of is you that can't be for sure of *anything* in the field....

I heard similar sounds around Easter in Tampa at my brother's house. Sounded like a jet engine rumble for maybe 10 seconds. I asked him what it was, he works at a nearby airbase, so I figured he'd know. He said he had no idea and had been hearing it for months a few times each week.

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