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Strange Formation on the Sun

A mysterious dark band has appeared on the surface of the sun that is almost 500 miles long and is getting bigger every day. Astrophysicists think it's a cluster of dense cold gas. The formation may look dark because it's so much colder than the surface of the sun.

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  • NASA

First thing I thought was: serpent. Wonder if such a thing could be engineered by advanced technologies (like scalar ones). Sorry if it seems out there, but I've been listening to a lot of Joseph P. Farrell interviews lately.

Whitley, c'mon. You're better than this. "A mysterious dark band has appeared" As an amateur solar astronomer, I must protest. It's misleading vocabulary such as this, so very common in the alternative research community, that causes friends of mine to constantly send me emails about "Mysterious _______ seen! Astronomers have no idea what it is!". This is a very common sun phenomenon, I've viewed many of them with my Solar telescope. "Astrophysicists think it's a cluster of dense cold gas." Leave out the word "cold" and you have it right. This is plasma, a type of gas, being guided by a magnetic field. Very well understood, commonly seen, and nothing mysterious going on here.

Jack, where did it say Whitley posted this? I think the keywords in your post are..."As an amateur"... C'mon Jack, you can do better than that.

I think those crop circles looks a bit man made. Too wavy lines etc. Some have perfectly straight lines and symmetry and I wonder how "they" do it. Whoever "they" are. There is an excellent docu on Youtube about crop circles: (with Colin Andrews)

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