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Special Offer for One Week Only

Despite all the warnings (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), there really IS going to be a 2013, and you can make your especially beautiful by using Lucy Pringle's magnificent, mysterious and uplifting new calendar--her annual selection of gorgeous images from her huge photo collection cannot be beat!

And this year, for one week only, if you input the coupon code CAL13 as you check out, you'll get $2.00 off this beautiful calendar! Offer expires on October 22 at midnight

The reviews of Whitley Strieber's ebook The Secret of Orenda are stellar! And now you can get it for your Kindle for just $4.99! Purchase it through your Kindle. You can also get a PDF from the Unknowncountry store suitable for reading on your computer or iPad.

How about picking up an Unknowncountry tote while you're at it? This sturdy tote discreetly displays the haunting Unknowncountry logo. It's beautiful and practical!

FLASH: GET YOUR CALENDAR AND YOUR TOTE TOGETHER AND GET $3.00 off! Put both calendar and tote into your shopping cart and use Coupon Code CT013.

Not an Unknowncountry subscriber? If you were, all Unknowncountry.come store offers would be 10% off, in ADDITION to any coupons! Join our wonderful community today!

And here's MORE good news: New subscribers who subscribe for one year will get a FREE tote bag, and if you subscribe for two years, you'll get a FREE 2013 Crop Circle calendar!

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