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Solving the Dark Matter Mystery Might also Solve the Mystery of Gravity

Only 4% of the universe is made of known material. Stars and gas in galaxies move so fast that astronomers have speculated that the gravity from a hypothetical invisible halo of dark matter is needed to keep galaxies together. However, a solid understanding of dark matter as well as direct evidence of its existence has remained elusive.

A research team made up of astronomers from around the world believes that the interactions between dark and ordinary matter could be more important and more complex than previously thought, and even speculate that dark matter might not exist and that the anomalous motions of stars in galaxies are due to a modification of gravity on extragalactic scales.

Daily Galaxy quotes researcher Benoit Famaey as saying, "The dark matter seems to 'know' how the visible matter is distributed. They seem to conspire with each other such that the gravity of the visible matter at the characteristic radius of the dark halo is always the same. "This is extremely surprising since one would rather expect the balance between visible and dark matter to strongly depend on the individual history of each galaxy.

In 2009, Hongsheng Zha told an international team of astronomers that he had found an unexpected link between dark matter and the visible stars and gas in galaxies that could revolutionize our current understanding of gravity. Zhao suggested that an unknown force is acting on dark matter.
They quote Zhao as saying, "Such a force might solve an even bigger mystery, known as 'dark energy', which is ruling the accelerated expansion of the Universe. A more radical solution is a revision of the laws of gravity first developed by Isaac Newton in 1687 and refined by Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity in 1916. Einstein never fully decided whether his equation should add an omnipresent constant source, now called dark energy."

If we were able to understand and control gravity, it would revolutionize space travel, and enable the human species to express itself off planet, even reach the stars. Most scientists believe that, as long as we remain trapped on Earth, some planetary upheaval in the future will cause our extinction. 99% of all species that have ever lived have gone extinct.

The Master of the Key
began his conversation with Whitley Strieber by saying that, because we don't understand gravity, we are trapped on Earth.

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Is it possible that dark matter is an extension of normal matter, and that it exists, attached to matter, in another deeper dimension? If one probed deep into matter, reaching deep into a lower dimension, would dark matter be waiting within? Does dark matter perhaps have another shadow, that lies deeper still? Or perhaps matter also has lighter, less dense shadows, that lie in higher dimensions? This brings to mind the questions, "what are the limits of a form"? "Where does a form terminate, what are its limits?" "Does the existence of a form go beyond superposition, into other dimensions?" I have coined the term "The Invariant" to describe a form that is completely unchanging, and that is ultimately responsible for all form and substance. The Invariant acts as the container for all of reality, and would be responsible for gravity. It is the ultimate source of Yin darkness. Dark matter may be something that lies closer to the Invariant, which is the the final "base" of reality. If you look at the chakra system, there are 7 centers, each corresponding to energies of a certain type of density. Perhaps dark matter lies below the root chakra of the human body.

Mace you got it. Physics, quantum physics, metaphysics...

Welcome to The Grid, The Matrix, The Great Web. They are all the same. Everything is connected, and there really are no limits. God, The Great Spirit, All That Is, Allah and The Invariant, as you call it.

Namaste, Mitakuye oyasin, and Amen! :-)

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