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SECOND Gigantic Power Failure Hits India

A second huge power outage across India left 600 million people sweltering in the dark. Gigantic traffic jams, stalled railway trains, closed airports and a general failure of infrastructure services have followed in the wake of what is now the largest power failure in history. Power is being restored across the country at this time.

The outages are being caused by heavy use of electricity due to very high regional temperatures and the ongoing failure of the monsoon, which normally brings wetter and cooler weather to the region at this time of year.

Indian officials were not saying how soon power might be restored, but it is expected that some areas could be without electricity for weeks, due to the extensive nature of the failure.

Temperatures across the Asian subcontinent have been unseasonably high even for midsummer. It is also possible that an incoming coronal mass ejection from the sun may have added to the regional grid overload.

In 1998, the Master of the Key burst into Whitley Strieber's hotel room in Toronto and told him what was to come--especially when it comes to climate change!

Every country in the world should have been prepared for this. It was part of our conversations with my dad in the 60's. And he got his information from newspapers and scientific publications, layman's publications. I hope the infrastructures of the cities can be quickly 'shored up' to accomodate the extra use. It will probably not get any better for a few months.

Also, I wish people would quit misusing the workd 'monsoon'. It refers to a specific wind or season with big winds in the south pacific. No other place on the planet has monsoons yet. Rain is easier to say than monsoon so I don't get why someone started changing the meaning of that word.

But that is a good example of how the media infringes on our consciousness. I am sure that some uneducated weather reporter who wanted to sound more intelligent started it. We need to pay attention to that.

P.S. I would like to ask that all who are inclined take advantage of the full moon energy to send love to the people in India, and also to everyone on the planet starting with the most populated areas, which are in the most distress because of the heat. (London is one place on my list)

Thank you.

Will do, JahaRa. People often switch off from the suffering of others because they think there's nothing they can do about it, but anyone, no matter where or who or what their circumstances, can send compassion, prayers, light or love to others. And it does make a difference.

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