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Senator Introduce Bill to Rein in NSA Snoopers

Senator Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy introduced a bill yesterday that is designed to place controls over intelligence agency snooping without compromising security. The 72-page bill combines parts of proposals from other senators who have long sought to control the extended government reach that comes from provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the Patriot Act. But can it pass both Senate and House to become law? Unknowncountry sources on Capitol Hill tell us that the bill has some chance of passing the Senate, but in an amended form. There would be further softening needed to get it through the House of Representatives.

The bill drew cosponsorships from Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.).

Co-sponsor Lee said the bill “will narrow surveillance authorities where appropriate and help provide the necessary accountability to ensure that Americans’ constitutional rights are respected.”

The bill would sunset the FISA Amendments Act passed last year that extended the ability of the government to collect records of phone and digital communications in December of 2015 instead of December 2017.

If the government wanted to mass-sweep communications records as it is doing now, the bill would require intelligence authorities to show the record search as relevant to an authorized investigation that also has a link to a foreign agent, power or group. It would also require more detail in roving wiretap requests that can tap the lines of any telephone a targeted suspect uses.

The bill would also require public reporting on government surveillance’s effect on Americans’ privacy and demand audits of the Patriot Act.

You read about Edward Snowden in every news source you looked at today, but you would only have seen this important story in a few places, and in none of them would there be a knowledgeable assessment of the bill's chance of passage. To keep this kind of reporting coming, subscribe today. Click here.

Pardon my cynicism, but I think this bill will only pass after its teeth are pulled.

I think the pattern for psyops like Snowden or anything which triggers the MSM to make a lot of noise about 'bad stuff' govt is doing is like this:

Make some noise about it and the let protests and court cases begin. Have the corrupt/blackmailed judges knock down the court cases, establishing legal precedents that say 'this is okay' or 'national security - we are powerless'. Have some politicians decry it and seem to support the protests, but no actual legal changes or accountability result, just lip service to make people believe their interests are represented and being fought for.

The result: A feeling of powerless among people. (This is what psyops almost always seek to create, in addition to creating false perceptions, such as the one saying that the worst leaks out of the NSA would only involve privacy violations, and to remind people that they're being watched - a powerful psychological tool.)

Besides, as the NSA has never shown any regard for US laws, how will changing those laws affect them in the slightest?? You notice no one ever goes to jail for this stuff - just more laws are passed for them to break next time. They clearly break them with impunity, and have for decades (this isn't the first scandal).

The NSA is out of control, and these lawsuits cement the notion this is about privacy rather than tyranny. Using a political/legal system which is clearly under their tight control to try to stop them is not effective. It's a form of begging the master for token relief, as well as a psyop in its own right.

I'm not sure anything can stop them at this point except internal fractures (NOT like this Snowden nonsense) or a massive global movement to genuinely open government. Making token gestures like this just wastes energy and fools people into believing that 'now that this is revealed, things will change!' Sit on your hands instead, show people that they're living under modern tyranny (tell the truth), and admit that you're out of ideas. Clearly the other approaches aren't working. A snake rarely bites itself, eh?

At any rate, this is all just another show. They engineer events like this to further deepen their stranglehold, not to change the status quo.

What a convoluted mess gov't has become! It seems more like a serious global revolution is what is necessary - to return control to. the people. for the greater good.
With all the unrest, and the global communication network, it could be happening. It just may be too late, though, with Fukushima in mind. How much can the ocean take?

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