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Scientists Can Spy on Your Dreams

A computer can predict what you're dreaming about (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this fascinating show) based on your brain wave activity with an fMRI machine.

On Fox News, Tia Ghose quotes neuroscientist Masako Tamaki as saying, "Using this method, we might be able to know more about the function of dreaming."

WHY we dream is still a mystery. Sigmund Freud thought dreams were about secret desires and wish fulfillment, but modern researchers think that they are irrelevant "trash" that the brain throws out. Another theory is that dreams allow our minds to keep working on problems while we're asleep.

By measuring people's brain activity while they were awake and thinking about specific things, neuroscientists could compare these brain braves to those produced when the person was asleep, thus identifying exactly what they were dreaming about--to some extent, anyway. Ghose quotes Tamaki as saying, "We were amazed."

But we don't just dream about people or objects--our dreams often have a weird logic to them, as well as containing what might be called surrealistic plots. On BBC News, Ed Young quotes neuroscientist Moran Cerf as saying, "When you dream, it's not just image by image. Let's say I scanned your brain while you were dreaming, and I see you thinking of Marilyn Monroe, or love, or Barack Obama. I see pictures. You see you and Marilyn Monroe, whom you’re in love with, going to see Barack Obama giving a speech. The narrative is the key thing we're going to miss."

Some people's dreams are no crazier than their LIVES--especially if they've come face-to-face with the Visitors (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these provocative interviews) or someone who experienced a stranger who busted into his hotel room and started predicting the future.

More Cayce on Dreams.....

The following is an excerpt from the excellent book by Harmon Bro entitled Cayce on Dreams.

During the dreaming state of sleep, we experience the different levels of consciousness and receive input from the different realms of the spirit world. Through dreaming, we have special access to our spirit within. According to the Cayce readings, there is not a question we can ask which cannot be answered from the depths of our inner consciousness when the proper attunement is made.

A dream may be of a physical, mental, or spiritual nature and may deal with all manner of psychic manifestations. These include telepathy, clairvoyance, prophetic visions, out of body traveling, remembrance of past lives, communication with beings in other realms including deceased friends and relatives, spirit guides, angels, Christ, and even the voice of God. Dreams can also give invaluable information on the status of the body.

All subconscious minds are in contact with one another. Through the subconscious, dreams may place us in attunement with those in the physical realm or those in the spiritual realm. We may be visited in the night by discarnate entities for many reasons: they may seek to give us assurance about their well-being in other realms of existence; they may come seeking our aid through prayer; they may come to bring us information which may be very helpful or limited; or they may come to influence us with their own desires or perspectives, which may be helpful or harmful. For example, there are dream reports of deceased relatives appearing and giving instructions about where to find a will or a lost object.

The events we experience in the third-dimension are, as it were, a "past condition" because this dimension is simply a projection or a reflection of what is being built at another higher level. Therefore, when we tune into these higher levels, as we may in dreams, we become aware of what is being built, and what may be projected into the physical in the future. Nothing of importance happens to us that is not foreshadowed in our dreams. Which is not to say that all dreams are precognitive or that the exact detail of everything we experience is given earlier in dreams. However, the word "foreshadowed" suggests that we may glimpse and be warned of what we are building now which may come into manifestation later. We call these dreams "precognitive" or "prophetic."

Just as the angels spoke to people in dreams in the times of the Bible, the spirit world still speaks to people to this day. Some people came to Cayce with dreams of Christ. None was told that it was simply his imagination, but all were assured they were indeed in touch with him.

Ancient Chinese tradition held that it is your spiritual soul which creates your dreams and leaves the body to travel to other realms and meet other souls. They and other ancient cultures, including the Greeks, erected dream temples for seekers to find guidance about their lives. Many times purification rituals as well as other rites of preparation were performed by the seeker prior to entering the temple and the dream state. Upon awakening, the seeker consulted with the temple dream interpreters.

Jung says that rarely do the symbols in dreams have just one meaning. And when interpreting the messages in your dreams, he suggests going with your first hunch, relying on your intuitive abilities, before applying more rational methods of dream interpretation.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Book of Revelation is a compilation of the Apostle John's dreams and visions while he was in exile. It illustrates his growth in consciousness as he sought, through meditation and prayer, to fully comprehend the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in his life.

My dream from last night:

I am in the Daniel Boone National Forest with three of my hunting buddies. We are scouting for deer sign. I look up into the sky, out at an angle, and between the tree limbs, I see a UFO. It's acorn-shaped, like the vehicle from the Kecksburg event, and the color of liquid Mercury. As I watch it, it morphs into a thick flattened ring, like a Neodymium magnet. I rush back to my friends and tell them that there is a UFO in the sky.

They come up to look, and the thing disappears. A few yards uphill from us, there is a Forest Service logging road, and the UFO reappears above the road, at treetop level. I realize that the craft will land, and that the occupants wish to make contact with us. I say to my friends, "Y'all want to take a ride in a UFO?" They are reticent, cautious, but I walk up to the logging road. The UFO changes back into an acorn-shape, and descends, not like in the movies, but it flutters down like a dried leaf, and lands on the road, on its side.

There is no visible door, but the side of the craft facing us opens up, to reveal...uniformed U.S. military officers. The senior flight officer has a kindly demeanor, and he invites us aboard, telepathically. We enter the ship, and the crew take us for a ride. After a while we land and disembark, but none of us can remember what happened on board the ship!

I find it hard to believe that any computer, no matter how advanced, could determine the particulars of my dreams.

The new meditation.....Opening Our Attention to Other Worlds..... "For the next two weeks, we will explore connecting with the consciousness of other planets, as expressed by their 'minds,' that is to say, the conscious species they have produced."

Eddie, your dream from last night.....I don't know if you participate in the meditations on Thursday nights BUT if so it appears you have achieved the goal of interaction with other entities. Even if you do not join in the group meditation, we are still connected. This is sooo encouraging.

Carollee--I do participate, but my interactions with the "others" predate the meditation exercises by...oh, 45 years or so...and mostly are more solid than the aforementioned dream.

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