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The Scan & the Pat Down

As millions of Americans get ready to travel home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, many are worried about airport scanners and quite a few are resentful of the pat-downs they are receiving. In 2003, we posted a story about this. In it, the manufacturer of the scanner equipment calls the radiation dose the traveler receives as "about the same as sunshine." The story goes on to say that these machines "have been used for years to screen people visiting prisoners and to make sure South African diamond miners, going home at the end of the day, don't pocket a few stones to take with them," and ends with FAA chief technology officer Randal Null, who tried it, saying, "It was a whole lot nicer than having someone pat me down." Now airport security is doing BOTH! If you're like most of us, you're already thinking about Christmas presents--and you want to get your friends and family something beautiful, unique and AFFORDABLE. We suggest a beautiful 2011 crop circle calendar--we're the only place in the US that carries these and they send a lovely message of peace and harmony for troubled times.

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So, are you trying to say we should be subjecting ourselves to this clear violation of our 4th Amendment rights? Israel has been dealing with airport security like this for fifty years without feeling up travelers. They prefer to use professionals instead of Burger King rejects and look at people's eyes and not their naughty bits.

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