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Role Playing Good--in Life & Politics

How can we tell what the candidates we're voting for are REALLY like? Many of them seem to have learned this secret: If you want to feel good about yourself, try acting NOT  like yourself. Psychologists say this can help people see that their behavior options.
Psychologist William Fleeson says, "One implication of these findings is it might be possible for individuals to improve their mental health by acting against their personality traits. Being flexible with who you are is OK--It is not denying or disrespecting who you are. People are often too rigid about themselves and stick with the comfortable and familiar." His study discovered that introverts feel more true to themselves or "authentic" when they are acting EXtroverted. In other words, when a shy person attends a party and acts like a social butterfly, he is likely to report that he feels like he is showing his true self at that time in that situation.

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That has been my experience. I am a strong introvert, but as a pastor I play an extrovert in real life. It has not only helped my professional life, but has made me less self-conscious, and has even nudged me a little more towards the middle on the I/E indicator on the Myers-Briggs.

Interesting Kimberly. I'm a strong introvert too, but have never overcome this and am a dreadful public speaker! I need to try and integrate this technique in my life.

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