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Rising Volcanic Activity Along Western Pacific Rim

Two volcanoes in Alaska and Popocatepetl in Mexico are either erupting or showing signs of activity. As sea levels continue to rise, putting pressure on continental shelves, predictions are that volcanic activity will also increase, as well as seismic activity. Whether or not earthquakes will follow the eruptions of these volcanoes is not known, but officials are concerned that plumes from the Alaskan volcanoes could endanger air travel from the US to Asia, and Mexican vulcanologists are watching Popo carefully, in expectation of a more significant and potentially dangerous level of activity.

The Pavlof and Cleveland volcanoes in Alaska are both in the Aleutian Islands, at the northern end of the Juan De Fuca plate, which is considered the least stable of the plates in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Volcanoes can trigger earthquakes, but most take place when there is no volcanic activity in the quake region. However, it is thought that volcanic tremors can destabilize sensitive plates.

I live in the city of Curenavaca, Mexico. We are one of the cities that must evacuate if there is a major eruption from Popo. From my apartment windows I have a good view of the majestic volcano. However lately, the great volcano is shrouded in a veil of her own volcanic plume. We have experienced small seismic activity, cable was knocked out yesterday and the power lines were swaying. The nightly news gives us the official evacuation routes. There have been several explosive eruptions of hot volcanic gas and ashes. We watch and wait.

please larry get out of there! your description is like something out of pliny-my best wishes for your safety my friend

Indeed so - please be careful. When Pliny the Younger described what he was seeing, he had no frame of reference, the word for "volcano" did not even exist in the Roman language in August, 79 AD. I have been having dreams lately about the Pacific rim coming alive and Rainier, which towers over the greater Seattle area, suffering a Plinian eruption. The volcanoes in this area are of the explosive type, like Vesuvius - Witness Mt. St. Helen's. When St. Helens blew, there was a strong pyroclastic flow. I hope Popo is able to release its pressure without devastation - but please be careful and stay safe.

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