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Pollution Blame for Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer has been blamed on many different things, but pollution? A ground-breaking new study suggests pollution from traffic may put women at risk for this deadly disease. Researcher Mark Goldberg says, "We've been watching breast cancer rates go up for some time. Nobody really knows why, and only about one third of cases are attributable to known risk factors. Since no one had studied the connection between air pollution and breast cancer using detailed air pollution maps, we decided to investigate it."

When his team made a survey of breast cancer data from around the US, their findings were startling: The incidence of breast cancer was clearly higher in areas with higher levels of air pollution, and that women living in the areas with the highest levels of pollution were almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer as those living in the least polluted areas (if cars ran on air, this would be less likely to happen).

You wouldn't think non-smokers would get lung cancer, but sad news is: They DO. Now scientists think that the kinds of cancer that smokers and non-smokers get may be DIFFERENT diseases. It's been discovered that lung tumors in those who smoke and those who never smoked have different DNA alterations in the tumor genomes. Based on the results of this study, researcher Kelsie Thu thinks that "lung cancer in never-smokers should be studied as a separate group."

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Anything that causes cell respiration to falter will eventually produce cancer. Otto Warburg asserted that cancer was caused by a lack of oxygen in the body, and the creation of low oxygen zones. Yes, big corporations are producing cancer in our society by using poisons, pollution, processed foods. I have a similar comment about this subject posted to the article entitled "Don't Inhale", Jan. 28th.

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