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Poll Says Obama Best if Aliens Invade

A recent National Geographic poll says that the public believes that Obama would be more effective at dealing with an alien invasion than Romney. Whitley Strieber says, "They are all entirely unprepared. Any President would have to play catch-up, and be prepared for some big surprises."

Meanwhile, a new team of pioneering investigators is pushing the limits to find the truth behind unexplained UFO sightings, using modern technology for data collection and analysis. The team is made up of one believer, one skeptic and one independent thinker. They have examined the documentation on the Roswell UFO crash, met with an alien abduction survivor and tracked glowing orbs near NASA's Kennedy Space Center (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show and this special interview).

Complex equipment is being used to gather site data for analytic research. Engineer Scott Langbein says, " It was a lot of fun to see the Topcon IS-3 used in a unique way. Who would have thought an IS-3 would be used to investigate UFOs?"

Are we talking contact, or invasion? No President can possibly be prepared for invasion; even if we've back-engineered some stuff, any ETs/EDs/Time Travellers bent on takeover or destruction are going to be so far ahead of us technologically that we'd be doomed, barring an act of God, or an act of nature, a la The War of the Worlds. (I personally think a malevolent invasion is unlikely, but that if it did occur, it would be subtle and protracted and played out under the guise of friendship, rather than resembling a military campaign.)

Romney, like Obama, accepts evolutionary theory. It is likely either of those men would be spared the degree
of psychological shock that so many Creationists would experience in the face of contact. Obama's probably better prepared simply by virtue of being a standing President, and therefore presumably having long since been briefed on the reality of the UFO/Visitor phenomenon.

Yeah One would guess religion and aliens collide but religion is very resilient (earth was once the center of the universe or You went up in flames, and nowadays aliens can also be Gods creations). The full swinging church in all it's might. I am not going to think about anything like alien invasion, disclosure etc. because it's a waste of time. Anyone doing that in 1947 would have wasted 65 years. The aliens could have planned this to happen 643.000 years out in the future. Hopefully we will still be around to greet them. Good thing they are making UFO investigations with engineers etc.

It always says "subscribers can still listen to this show..." but which show?

Deep Impact: Morgan Freeman is president
2012: Danny Glover is president
_____: Obama is president

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