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Pole Shift Could Cause Superstorm

The magnetic pole shift that is going on now has sped up and cause havoc with our weather, including a possible superstorm. When the poles shift, they change the Earth's magnetic field becomes unstable. The magnetic field shields us from cancer-causing radiation, and as this field weakens, the number of cancer cases may rise as DNA mutations become more common.

Pole shifts are regular occurrences and are happening to every planet in our solar system right now. Magnetic north, the point at the top of the Earth that determines compass readings, is shifting its position at a rate of about 40 miles per year. Why is this happening? The Earth's core of hot liquid iron is constantly moving. That motion, combined with the Earth's rotation, dictate the position of magnetic north. In geologic terms, it's racing from the Arctic Ocean near Canada toward Russia. In the Sun Sentinel, Ken Kaye quotes geophysicist Jeffrey Love as saying, "Magnetic north is shifting all the time--it's a continuous process, not an event." Large ships and planes have sophisticated electronic navigation systems, but the vast majority of small boats and planes rely on magnetic compasses. Kaye quotes marine instructor Tom Cartier as saying, "The magnetic compass is what gets you home in your boat or plane when everything else quits. It's a very, very valuable piece of equipment."

While it will effect your compass, it won't bother your GPS, since it relies on satellites. Despite this, airports are spending thousands of dollars to realign their runways. Kaye quotes airport director Mike Nonnemacher as saying, "We wish to keep our runway designations close to what the compass says." There may be a pole shift underway, but there will NEVER be a shift in what we advocate here on REAL news about climate change, UFOs and your health--and so much more. Keep OUR magnetic shield strong in order to make sure we won't be gone tomorrow: subscribe today! (it costs as little as $3.95 a month)

Lots of grammatical errors in this article. In a hurry this morning?

Ok. So, I really believe in the pole shift and it's affects on everything. And I believe that it's affecting us now. Is it possible that it's affecting people too? I have a theory; since animals are so sensitive to the magnetic pull of the Earth, why wouldn't humans be so, as well? Could it have soemthing to do with all the obesity we have? Does the human body adjust to changes in magnetism and field? We talk about chakras and energy fields and then don't seem to consider how mass energy changes affect people on a subtle level. How does a body respond to everything that we pummel it with? Cell phones, radio, tv, etc. Any thoughts?

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