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The Pain Problem

In our latest Insight, we post a wise letter from a reader, who gives Whitley some wonderful advice about his pain problem.

Among other things, he suggests that, "You might also try opening yourself to divine healing energy. The divine is always sending us healing energy as soon as our physical cells request it, but with our free will we may decline it, because it does not fit within our preconceptions or belief systems."

He goes on to say, "So much of healing is actually about deciding that we are already healthy, which is of course the origin of placebo effect, but it goes much deeper. We all have inherent healing ability, that we have not utilized as a society so this ability has atrophied as would any muscle, when it is not exercised regularly. We stopped healing ourselves as we literally stopped believing we could."

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As a physician, I agree with some of this, but I'm wary of the idea that people put too much trust in doctors. While we've all misdiagnosed at times, we really DO know the body better than the guru next door. For instance, I keep hearing the line, "Flu shots give you the flu." This is impossible: Flu vaccines are made up of DEAD flu viruses, which can no longer infect anyone, but someone read it on the internet and passed it along to all his friends. And what happens later? They all get sick, and the ones who got their flu vaccines TOO LATE--after they were already infected--say, "This proves it!"

Good story, that's how wrong info is spread around the internet. There really should be a Ministry for Verification of Odd Stories, where a team of mythbusters tackle cases quick. Brian Dunning at is doing an attempt to verify stories, though I don't agree 100% with him it is nice with the other side of stories.

For what it's worth I don't think that it's true that doctors know the body better than the Guru next door, otherwise they wouldn't treat it the way the way the do.

I have never met a doctor, who knew anything about working out, or had expertise in any kind of systematic physical training. Many have serious physical problems of their own.

And they there's the well known adage still being debated, by Dr. Wallach and the AMA, that the average life expectancy of a Doctor is 10 years less than everyone else's. And that you can add 10 years to your life just by not going to medical school.

As to virus's like the flu shot, it's well know that these shots, have a tendency to suppress the immune system, in people. Then there is the possibility of contamination from animal viruses, during the growth process even if the viruses are grown in eggs, and not pork kidney's.

It's also true that DEAD viruses, add to the viral load carried by people. They don't just sit there but interact with the human organism over time, no one really understands what they do, and they have been implicated in diseases like cancer.

This country has excellent emergency medicine, by we do a terrible job in treatment of chronic illness.

Yes all doctors make mistakes, and in medical school they are told to say, it's a one in a million shot....but now medical mistakes kill about 400,000 a year.

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