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Our Economy is Faltering Because We're Not Bored

What can be done to create more JOBS? ONE thing we can do is become more bored, because boredom leads to the kind of innovation that creates new kinds of employment.

Maybe one of the problems with the economy is that we're all so busy cocooning with our Smartphones and ipads that we don't have the chance to get bored! In the August 7th edition of the New York Times, Peter Toohey writes, "These days it often seems that it's young people who complain most about boredom. Why so? Do the many means of stimulation in this age of instant entertainment make it much harder for them to keep interested and absorbed?"

In the August 6-7 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Scott Adams (the cartoonist who created "Dilbert") writes, "Experts say our brains need boredom so we can process thoughts and be creative. I think they're right. I've noticed that my best ideas always bubble up when the outside world fails in its primary job of frightening, wounding or entertaining me. "Boredom should not be abused, exploited, ignored, sneered at, rejected or talked down to as a product of laziness or of an idle, uninventive and boring mind. It's there to help, and its advice should be welcomed and acted upon. That many of us suffer from it should be no cause for embarrassment. Boredom deserves respect for the beneficial experience that it is."

If YOU'RE bored, pick up a good book or a great video (and have a nice mug of coffee or tea with it). Even better, become a subscriber (and we guarantee you'll NEVER be bored again!)

I think the primary reason our economy is faultering is because we've reached the limits of growth, have gone into too much debt, and can't produce goods as cheaply as other nations. Thirty years ago we thought it was a good idea to spread capitalism around the world without realizing that the ultimate effect would be to undermine the U.S. economy. China and other third world nations have populations willing to work for less. American corporations moved over seas to take advantage of cheaper labor to the point where our manufacturing capacity has eroded by almost 50% over the past thirty years. Walmart likes to display American flags throughout their stores but the labels on their products are almost all from China and Asia. What do we make here anymore? Now the goal of the elite is to break the unions so that the cost of labor can be reduced to make the U.S. competitive again. Combine this with our private and public debt and the inescapable coclusion is that there will be a significant reduction in the U.S. standard of living. It's all so predictable.

The people who sold us on the idea knew exactly what would happen.
All the same, we need a better way of living in the world than the one we've had.

Even when I'm on my computer and all of the other gadgets I am distracted more than bored but I am bored. These things really kind of kill creativity because you are reading about someone elses thoughts, ideas and innovations while on the computer. It's not like reading a book where you are forming your own ideas, opinions and feelings. A computer screen is nothing more but a TV hooked up to a typewriter keyboard, nothng more!!! You have access to the encyclopedia galactica but still kills the need to be creative.

Apply the "death bed" question to the Internet and multi media technology. I doubt that on our death bed many of us will be saying: "I wish I had spent more time on the Internet or texting on my iPhone." :)
Like with all tools and technology, the question is, to what use is it being put? The Internet is a phenomenal source of information but it obscures reliable info. Anyone can publish on the net, people are more encouraged to believe whatever they want. There is no peer review or publisher to weed out unsubstantiated opinions.

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