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Our DNA is Quantum!

A Nobel Prize winning biologist says that a fragment of DNA "teleported" itself between test tubes in his lab, meaning that it demonstrated the quantum ability of being non-local, i.e. in two places at the same time. What are we, anyway? Since DNA is the basic building block of all life on Earth, perhaps we are actually quantum beings (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

Biologist Luc Montagnier surrounded two test tubes, one containing the DNA fragment and the other pure water, with a weak electromagnetic field. He later discovered that the DNA could be detected in the water as well as in the original test tube. He compared the results with controls in which the time limit was lowered, no electromagnetic field was present or was present but at a lower frequency, and one in which both tubes contained pure water. In every one of these cases, the results were NOT the same. An exciting last minute addition to our Dreamland Festival is a scientist who will DEMONSTRATE his "free energy" machine. Breakthroughs like this are the only thing that can save us now.

Quantum beings vibrating at different frequencies in different worlds perhaps? This is a really interesting development. I hope you can follow up on this, Anne.

Our DNA is quantum? Well, duh!

Seriously, I am glad that science is finally becoming "entangled" with metaphysics so that so much of what happens to many of us can no longer be fodder for naysayers and debunkers. Even if science did prove beyond all doubt who and what we are, unfortunately there would still be doubters, but hopefully they would be in the minority (And also missing out on real 'magic'!)

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