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Obama Descended from America's First Slave

Barack Obama is descended from the first person ever enslaved in the American colonies--an indentured servant who attempted to escape his indenture and was then enslaved for life. Not only that, this ancestor is distaff--on his mother's side--the white side of his family.

Yahoo News reports that researchers have tied Obama to through ancestors of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, to John Punch, an African who is the first documented slave in the colony of Virginia.

Yahoo quotes genealogist Joseph Shumway as saying, "Two of the most historically significant African Americans in the history of our country are amazingly directly related." Obama had always assumed that the genes from the "black" side of his family came from his Kenyan father, Barack Hussein Obama.

Punch was Obama's 11th great-grandfather. They share a common DNA marker that shows an African ancestor. Genealogists used DNA analysis to tie relatives of Dunham to Punch, who had children with a white woman. Their descendants were free landowners, who later "passed" as white in Virginia.

So in a way, when his white mother married a black African, she was being true to her ancestry. Researchers previously linked Obama to ancestors in Ireland and Germany on his mother's side.

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I'm not shocked at all. There are plenty of white folks in America (especially in the South) that have hidden or unknown black parentage. The same happened in Latin America where the Portuguese, Spanish, Mestizo, and Indian populations interbred with black slaves to such a degree that different levels of classification were created in order to label certain degrees of 'racial' admixture. I'm 1/32 Navajo and yet no one would ever for a moment suspect that I have a certain amount of Native American blood.

I heard about this weeks ago.

I heard the evidence for this is sketchy at best, and completely untrue at worst. I don't think it is possible to accuratly prove this.

Yes, I agree with Craig, that proving this is, at best, unlikely.

True, or not, one must wonder, given this supposed tie is so conveniently timed to put Barry-Obama back in the good graces of African American voters.

From all the evidence I've seen and heard, there is no way to know Mr. Obama's actual heritage/parentage. Unless you're on the inside, and have the hidden facts -- whatever they are???

That said, yes, to what BearingTheDark stated.

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