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Noory Broadcasting from Mars

Prominent radio talk show host George Noory has announcedthat he has actually been broadcasting from Mars ?formonths.? Noory is unsure about how he ended up on the redplanet. ?I may have interviewed one abductee too many,? isone theory he offered during an interview with CNN?s BillO?Reilly. While NASA has managed to get a picture of Nooryfrom one of its rovers, the space agency has said that aticket home will cost the talk show host three billiondollars, and he cannot be picked up for at least twentyyears, even if he pays in advance. His network declinedto comment on whether or not they would purchase the ticketfor him. ?He sounds just fine,? said Premiere Radio?spresident Charlie Rahilly when asked about Noory?s welfare.It was pointed out that temperatures on Mars often droppedto seventy below, but Rahilly assured reporters that ?he cantake anything, as long as it?s not my wallet.? Noory hascomplained that ?there?s nothing to eat but fungus.? Herequested that NASA ?give me a break? and send up ?a Big Macand a box of Rush?s Havanas,? on the next lander mission.?And for the love of mercy, include a lighter.?

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