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Next WikiLeaks May Involve Some UFO Files

WikiLeaks may reveal some UFO secrets in its next release--assuming that the ferocious attempts to prevent any further leaks does not succeed. When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did an online interview with readers of the Guardian in the UK, he said there were some references to UFOs in "yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive." During the interview, the paper's site was brought down by heavy traffic, but it was not clear if this was a cyber attack.

During the interview, Assange described Army Private Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked the documents, as an "unparalleled hero." The WikiLeaks site has been bombarded by cyber attacks, the sources of which remain unclear. In a recent tweet, WikiLeaks said, " domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks," adding "KEEP US STRONG" and a link where people can donate to the site.

Assange was born in Australia and has an international arrest warrant issued against him by Swedish prosecutors over allegations of rape and molestation. He visited Sweden in August and had separate sexual encounters with two women, which his lawyer says were entirely consensual. Assange says the allegations are part of a smear campaign against him and his whistle-blowing website. An initial investigation in August was dropped after only a day, but in September Sweden's Director of Prosecution reopened the case. On November 24, a Swedish court rejected his appeal, and the case is being considered by the Swedish Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the French government (which is normally upfront about its UFO data) banned the site from French servers. WikiLeaks then moved to a Swiss domain (since Switzerland was a neutral country in World War II and remains so today).

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The government will do literally anything to prevent a leak of documents that reveal that the visitors are real or even that they are taken seriously in any way at all. I will be amazed if documents on this subject get released. I think they would kill this man to prevent it.

How convenient that rape and molestation charges have been lodged against Assange. It's so transparent it's laughable. Governments do not like their secrets revealed, do they.

The governments response is predictable. First they try and devalue and smear anyone who reveals things they don't think the public should know about. This takes the public's attention off the governments activities, and focuses it on their intended target. They also create an uproar in the press, so it looks like they have no choice but to act. Then come the legal issues. Keeping the target in court, having to answer a constant stream of charges. Whether those charges are true are not, doesn't matter. Because it keeps the target, "pinnned down", and takes resources away from them continuing to pursue their agenda against the government. After months, years, or decades of this, the public usually begins to associate the persons name with their legal issues, instead of what they are trying to say.

I have to admire Mr. Assange, and I feel for him with the legal troubles he is having. My concern with all of this however is that he may be the 21st century analog of one of Lenin's "useful idiots". None of the leaks discussed on the MSM so far are earth-shattering; in fact, some of them may even help to enable some foreign policy and military goals by getting certain information into public circulation that could not ne "released" in any other way. It all looks a bit too scripted to me. I don't think any UFO documents we'll see will be anything with new importance or revelations, unless a specific policy purpose would be served. I may be surprised, but I don't think I will be. Whitley, William, Anne, and the Dreamland and Revelations gang remain the only sources I would rely on for this.

I agree with Mr. Daciuk. Anything short of an explicit reference to the existence of non-human intelligence, or the artifacts thereof, would be nothing new and would only add to the mountains of UFO-related documents already in the public domain. Formerly classified reports of anomalous radar returns and scrambled jets simply don't grab headlines.

I honestly doubt that the disclosure we're all waiting for will occur in my lifetime. The ruling elite are justifiably scared, because disclosure is an absolute game changer for the developed world. It's a genie that, once released, can't be put back into the bottle.

Nah - not in my lifetime.

As far as I am concerned it is us against them now.
They have called for assassinations/Queen of crazy,Palin-Huckabee a hillbilly preacher that preaches hate and death. They have called for "laws" to keep this form happening. They have had PayPal/Wikileaks
shut down. They have kicked Wikileaks off a "free countries" servers/Amazon. They have hijacked our freedom with their fake wars
and their Faux News/bucket of vomit. I will do anything it takes to fight back against these loons and goons as I know I will live forever.
if they kill me to silence me fine. They always and I do mean ALWAYS try to smear their opponents as sexual deviants. They do this so much it is predicable and now it has become easy to turn the real truth into guns of data pointed at their heads.
Please consider joining us and quit using Pay Pal. Do not order anything from Amazon again. Fight back when you know your personal freedom is at stake. There has never been a better time to separate yourself from them. They are killers and they have lied their way
into power with many false flag attacks on innocent civilians. I have decided for myself that the spin stops here. I will no longer tolerate
or accept anything that comes from their camp and I will support Wikileaks in whatever way I can. I pray and hope every night that we will this battle and I think we are. It has been wonderful to watch them scurry around and try to shut this information down and it is within my hopes and prayers every day that we will continue to do so. It really is quite simple now,it is us against them. Your freedom is at stake!
Please stand up and fight for it or I know you will regret it.
Patrick Vittitow
may we be at peace
may our hearts remain open
may we be healed
may we be a source of healing for all beings

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