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A New World is Coming

In his new journal,Whitley writes: "It's such an eerie time right now. Theweather is changing radically before our eyes, with sixteentyphoons in the Pacific this year and powerful hurricanesstill forming, with extraordinary environmental changes thatsuggest that the planet's natural system is in the processof a profound breakdown, and far faster than anybodyimagine. And now with SETI having discovered a repeatingsignal that may not be natural in origin, and the growingrealization among astronomers that many stars have small,stony planets like earth orbiting them, and the detection ofmethane in the Martian atmosphere, meaning that lifeprocesses are going on there right now?it's just a veryeerie and wondrous?and dangerous?time." Join our newprayergroup prayer: "That we may be spared coming storms."

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