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New Ossuary NOT First Jesus Evidence

After reading our Oct. 22 news story "First Jesus Evidence Discovered," click here, Laurence Gardner, author and popular Dreamland guest, wrote: "The most inaccurate of all statements currently being made concerning the James ossuary is that 'It is the first and only artifact from the 1st century that mentions Jesus.'

"The fact is?not so very long ago that the Jesus ossuary was discovered - an item of far greater importance?In 1980 an important 1st-century family tomb was unearthed during excavations?Why was it impressive? Because the ossuaries were individually inscribed with the names: Jesus son of Joseph,Mary, Joseph, Jude (the name of one of Jesus' brothers), Mary (the name of one of Jesus' sisters). Along with these was a 6-inch shard of pottery, also bearing the name of Jesus and engraved with the emblem of a fish."

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