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New Ice Age in Alaska

While most of the world is experiencing global warming, Alaska seems to be entering another ice age. Since 2000, temperatures in Alaska have dropped by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. When scientists looked at weather reports from 20 climate stations in that state that are operated by the National Weather Service, 19 of the 20 of them reported FALLING temperatures.

Researchers think this is caused by an ocean phenomenon called the Decadal Oscillation, which brings colder surface water temperatures. This oscillation has caused a weakening of the Aleutian Low, and with a less active Low, cold winter storms have been staying around longer, keeping the weather colder than normal. The Daily Mail reports that, in the recent past, the warming trend in the state was actually TWICE that of the rest of the US, but now that has changed.

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So the warming followed by cooling in Alaska, is that a slow version of the climate phenomenon depicted in The Day After Tomorrow? Does this mean that abrupt climate change can be very abrupt, or not so abrupt....take place within years instead of a shorter time? We need to be most vigilant about what's happening on the planet (something the news hardly ever talk about in a comprehensive way, just in little snippets), and also, prepare ourselves individually and as families and communities for change. We've had four summers in Australia where there's more rain than sunshine, moreso these last two years, yet there is virtually no meaningful discussion on what it means, the implications. Hope your country is doing better.

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