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Mystery ICBM Launch 35 Miles off LA Coastline--Case Closed...Probably

The mystery of the menacing-appearing contrail that appeared 35 miles off Los Angeles on the evening of November 8 appears to have been solved: US Airways Flight 808 was approaching the Los Angeles area at the time, on its way from Honolulu to Phoenix. The plane would have been flying with a filed flight plan because it was in Grade-A airspace and flying under instrument flight rules. Despite that the flight plan would have been readily available, neither the FAA nor the Pentagon appeared able to identify the craft, and it took civilians to research flight schedules in order to make the determination of what it probably was. And yet the Pentagon announce immediately that it post no threat to US airspace, even before they apparently had any idea what it was. And they still appeared mystified 24 hours later, saying only that it "appeared" to be the contrail of a jet.

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UC is also following up reports from Arizona that a contrail was seen rising into the sky in northern Arizona at 5:30PM. Will anyone with video of this please contact our news desk immediately.

This is where the media become so frustrating, because there are obvious questions that could be asked by just the most basic form of reporting. Originally it was reported as being west of LA and north of Catalina Island. That suggests observations from the 2 different locations were able to triangulate on the location, so where did that report come from? Why haven't any actual observers been interviewed on camera, including the helicopter pilots who shot the video we've seen? Surely there must be other photos from Catalina and other locations (oil rigs, boats, airplanes, etc.) that could dispel the contrail theory. Then there's the likely fact that NORAD and others would have radar and other intel about the object; I have to believe since the 60's at least you couldn't light a bottle rocket in the world without it being detected and tracked from space. Certainly a missile launched near the coast of the US, as in a possible attack from a foreign submarine, would be registered loud and clear somewhere within the government. If the government is even half as lame as finding the answer by now, we're all in bigger trouble than we thought! Really think about it, a DAY after 9/11 there were government officials naming names of the hijackers and pointing fingers.

This is not all to say there are UFOs or USOs involved, as it really doesn't fit the usual profile (but we also can't rule it out.) But I have to believe within minutes or hours the U.S. knew EXACTLY where this thing came up from, its exact trajectory, and where it landed (if it landed.) The airplane contrail theory seems patently false when you watch the actual video and examine the evidence so far, but obviously there are lot of people who just hear that and move on.

If there are UFOs involved, I think then it would be part of this accelerated activity observed lately, where more and more attention is being drawn to new sightings in more populated areas that are hard to explain away. Could be the occupants are putting the pressure on those who control the secrets, but why and to what end remains to be seen.

This is the biggest news story of 2011, and now the 'cover story' is an aircraft contrail. In our era of instant media, we get the same cold war era cover stories.
I agree with Robert in that with our GPS & Sat mapping systems know exactly what this is and where it came from, I mean c'mon...35 miles off the LA Coast.
Could it be a show of strength or a mistake? One thing is certain the story will get buried, unless the questions continue. Then again, perhaps it was the Cripes and the Bloods gang fighting.

I used to live in Southern California, and I've seen rockets from Vandenburg, and I am also very familiar with contrails AND chemtrails. I have also seen weather balloons, blimps, meteor showers, comets, the shuttle re-entering for landing, and yes, even an unidentified flying object. I have always watched the sky.

That was NO contrail, but it definitely appears to be a rocket launch. For what purpose, by whom, and to what end? That is the million dollar question.

The news media and Pentagon Spokesperson claim a US Airways Flight 808 to Honalulu HW. They trotted out a contrail internet expert and showed us a similar story last new years eve.


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