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Mystery Booms are Back

Dramatic booming noises have been heard in at least twoAmerican cities in recent weeks, in San Diego on April 4 and Buffalo on April 12. Unusual cloud formations werephotographed in San Diego in 2004. The clouds appeared very suddenly over the Miramar MarineAir Station, and did not seem to observers to function likethunderheads. "Nothing seemed natural about this cloud,"reports photographer David Hurst. "It hovered above theground and wasn't anvil-shaped. There was nothing wispyaround the edges. Although it became mushroom-shaped, thehead seemed more on the thin side than billowy." The booms that rocked San Diego and Buffalo did notappear to be sonic booms, and some residents in San Diegoassumed that the sounds were earthquake related. Buffalopolice reported hundreds of calls about the sound there,which was extremely unusual and dramatic, and woke residentsup after midnight. Mystery booms have been heard in San Diego before.

There has never been earthquake activity in Buffalo, and NOAA reported that there were no earthquakes in San Diego on April 4.

The booms could be caused by methane explosions on the ocean floor, but some meteorologists theorize they may be the result of unusually cold air in the stratosphere collidingwith warm surface air when weather conditions are too dry togenerate storms. Like the large blocks of ice that occasionally fall from the sky, they could therefore a product of global warming.

Or they could be the result of something more ominous: Subscribers can listen to weatherman Scott Stevens discuss the possible uses of scalar, or weather weapons on Dreamland last March 4.

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