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Mysterious Spider Attack

As if cannibals and chupacabras weren't enough, two people died when swarms of venomous spiders invaded a town in India. This is the country that has recently been plagued by hoardes of mugging monkeys. The citizens of Sadiya were celebrating a Hindu festival when swarms of highly aggressive spiders suddenly appeared. Local resident Jintu Gogoi spent a day in the hospital with pain and nausea after being bitten, and says that, weeks later, his finger is still black and swollen.

So far, not even spider experts have been able to identify the spiders, and say they may be a new species. Or perhaps it's a new, hybridized species, along the lines of "Africanized" bees and altered ants. Did you know that subscribers have a coupon that gets them a copy of this great novel for LESS than $2? Only while supplies last!

The book of Revelations says that wild beasts will attach humankind in large numbers. Could there be a connection here?

Something about this report feels off. I don't doubt that this area of India experienced some kind of spider invasion, but I do have to wonder how much of this story has been painted by man's own inherent fear of spiders. In general, tarantulas do not pursue humans as prey. They are jumpers, and I have seen some of the more benign varieties here in Texas hop towards you as a defense mechanism, but that is about as far as it goes.

I hope to see more reports on this story in order to find out for sure what kind of spider this is, how dangerous it really is, and also where it came from.

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