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A Mysterious Rumble is Driving Canadians Crazy

Strange sounds--usually hums--have bothered people all over the world in the past few years. Now there is a mysterious rattling and humming sound in Windsor, Canada that is spreading and getting worse, and authorities are still don't know what's causing it.

In the Windsor Star, Lesley Ciarula Taylor quotes city official Al Maghnieh as saying, "It's like a low bass note, like a synthesizer. In one house, we put a glass of water on the floor and you could see the ripples. You could put your hand on the siding outside the house and feel the vibration."

He has now heard complaints from over a thousand people who live in his area, and the worst time for the noise is between one and 3 a.m. He says, "These are not people looking for attention. They're reporting sleepless nights."

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I suggest it is an underground source of some type causing the hum. It can be attributed to either good or bad (light or dark)forces, right? I suggest that is occurring now due to cosmic events/energy speeding up: all manner of entities are affected by this, even the planet itself. How much we know about this phenom is next to nothing, but I wager it's near populated areas or areas of geographic-geologic import. I also suspect it will disappear as soon as our row of "2012" events are over and done with, i.e. natural & manmade catastrophes. Mother Earth and Cousin Cosmos are done with mankinds weak, vapid attempts at being humans on a life quest (at least those of us who have our eyes closed.

Windsor is located on the Great Lakes across from Detroit, right? Cayce said the Great Lakes are tipping south and will empty into Gulf of Mexico. This is part of the changes. I feel that the rumble is caused by the tipping of the lakes. It is probably gaining momentum as it gets closer to the "tipping point". The hum cld be caused by the vibration reaching a kind of equilibrium point w/the surrounding bedrock (or whatever rock is predominant in the area) which causes it to vibrate in sync w/ the vibration which is a result of the tipping. The other thought I had about the hum is that it could be the wind (or water) moving through underground tunnels/passageways (natural or otherwise). And, by the by, geologically speaking -- Michigan is a basin.

A more practical explanation is that all the equipment oil companies are using to extract the oil sands and blast through the oil shale. Has anyone done a real study of what the consequence is of years of fracking of oil shale? Maybe the oil acts like the oil in your engine to lubricate the rocky crust as the engine of plate tetonics shapes the earth. Without the oil are we increasing the chance of earthquakes? is the hum a warning sign?

I actually live in Windsor. There's not really a lot of oil companies extracting anything here. We have a salt mine but they've done enough investigations to say its the rumbles are not coming from there. I've heard the rumble several times, myself. It is omnipresent and creepy because there is no discernible source.

I know it's really easy to come up with theories about it. I've heard everything from HAARP, cellphone waves interfering with quartz crystal underground, reptiliians digging underground subway systems and even dragons. There has been increased UFO activity in the area but that doesn't necessarily mean its connected. Let's just admit we have no flippin' idea what it is and keep our mind open. Jumping to conclusions without proof just makes us look silly.

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