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UPDATE: Baltic Object: Divers are Down and 'Amazed.'

A report received from the Baltic dive states that the divers are on the site and are examining the object that is there. No report on what it is, but they are saying that they are 'amazed.' Contrary to internet rumors, there is no evidence of any military exercise in the area, and it is anticipated that the first reports on the find will be released in about a week.

A sunken anomaly in the Baltic Sea that was discovered last year by sonar is now being re-investigated by the dive team that originally located it. While Swedish researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg don't call this strange object a UFO, they're not positive it ISN'T one either. It looks manmade, rather than being a natural object such as a small, emerging volcano.

Asberg, previously guarded about the find, now says, "we are confident that we found something really cool."

On the evening of May 24th, they sailed on the ship Ancylus from Norrtälje harbor out to the Baltic plains. They expect the dive to take two weeks, but if they find something, they intend to stay on the dive as long necessary to recover the object.

However, there are unconfirmed reports that there is a joint US-Russian military exercise being conducted in the area, so it may be that the divers will come back empty-handed, either unable to enter the site or finding it empty.

If you want to learn more about UFOs and ETs, don't look under the sea--come to and learn all about it!

A kool and amazing something. Mystery solved ;-).

There has been so much hype, and so many rumors surrounding this anomaly, that the true nature of the object may well turn out to be disappointing. I'm not attempting to debunk or pooh-pooh this story. It's just that the whole enigma of ufo's, uap's, anomalous objects, blah blah blah, continues to be elusive in the extreme.

I am so sick and tired of never seeing any quantifiable results, never getting any real answers, only more questions. I'm sixty years old now. I've been reading about this stuff since I was in my early teens. How many of you out there are in the same boat? It always seems to be a case of filing away the latest failure and looking forward to the next one.

I do firmly think that there is more to our world than the mainstream is willing to admit, but my patience with the whole business is becoming a little frayed, to say the least. It seems that we are called upon to believe, always believe...but the carrot of truth is always dangling just beyond our grasp. If we ever DO see proof of any kind, would we be able to recognize it for what it is?

Truth to tell, the continuing mystery is slowly making me more skeptical all the time. I fear the purveyors of the mystery don't really care about answers all that much. It's the mystery that keeps people coming back, I'm getting tired of the chase.

Exactly - I've said this before: It's still 1947 in UFO land.
We know nothing about UFO's. Zero. Nada. Diddly-squat.
I've been interested in this for 30 years (I'm 45).
UFO's, fireballs, bigfoot, abductions etc. are all intensively interesting, but engineers don't talk about the details of the UFO propulsion system, cosmologists don't talk about how fireballs transverse dimensions, biologists don't investigate bigfoot dna remains and there are no Gov Galaxy Advisory Group negotiating with the aliens about reducing the abductions. That said, I've read the Hunt for the Skinwalker book where Ph.d. scientists try to document paranormal stuff and they basicly failed. There was plenty of wild and scary stuff going on, the cameras just malfuntioned, or the footstep just stopped etc. I believe Whitley has had similar experiences. Fascinating. But no answers.
Want to know what happend at Roswell? 9/11? Well take a pick between the official story and 10 conspiracy stories and see if You can figure it out. Welcome to the age of disinformation.

We are all on our own journey of discovery. We won't find answers by reading about these subjects online, we have to take the knowledge we already have and put our feet on the ground and find out for ourselves. The truth IS out there. What you do with it is up to you.

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