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The Mushroom Cure

First it's marijuana medicine, now it's psychedelic mushrooms boosting the brain. The active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms (which are illegal in most places) decreases brain activity, meaning that information flows more freely in a brain on mushrooms.

Researcher Robin Carhart-Harris says, "There is increasing evidence that the regions affected are responsible for giving us our sense of self. In other words, the regions affected make up what some people call our 'ego.' That activity decreases in the 'ego-network' supports what people often say about psychedelics, that they temporarily 'dissolve the ego.'"

"Healthy people given psilocybin often describe their experiences as among the most meaningful of their whole lives, comparable to such things as the birth of their first child or getting married." In fact, it's supernatural (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

A single experience with psilocybin, the active ingredient in these mushrooms, can alter the personality long-term, making people more open to new experiences. In other words, it's a permanent cure for some personality disorders.

We'd like to think that is a permanent cure TOO--a cure for the propaganda and lies you find on so many internet sites. But if we're going to still be here for you tomorrow, we need YOUR help TODAY.

You probably won't be served mushrooms at our great Dreamland Festival in May (at least not the kind that make you high), but we DO offer you a meal plan where you get three great meals a day, in a lovely dining room where you'll get a chance to meet lots of people who ARE INTERESTED IN THE SAME THINGS YOU ARE. You won't go hungry--for either food OR new information--but don't delay, our Festival sells out EVERY YEAR.

Yes, the mushrooms cause a temporary "death" of the ego. You go from a perspective of me and you to a realization that separation is illusion--all are one. These are sacraments, and the mushroom experience was one of the things that changed me from an agnostic to an understanding that the Creator pervades all of reality.

I don't think we are meant to experiment with mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca etc. This is for shamans who spend their hole life building a relationship with the forces/spirits/creatures hidden in these plants. And You need guidance and companions thoughout the many years. At least that is what I learned from Carlos Castaneda's books. If there is a world of aliens, a world of the dead or a world of plantspirits You don't want to jump in. They can eat You alive or You can get lost. We are all anchored here in this time and place and that is the only thing we know, unless You are abducted, on drugs or dying or similar. And we don't know much about how the brain works, the ego is just part of old theories about us I think. Only theories from old men who lived long before the computer and scanners. Someone tell me how my brain works, where the soul resides and how I interact with the rest of the world. I'm very curious and nothing is happening. Michael Persingers "God helmet" can give You: "mystical experiences and altered states" so I don't think we know who we are if we are not monkeys. Then we are lost.

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