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Mr. President, We Need Some Answers!

During a recent visit to the White House, the teenaged son of Will Smith, the actor who is starring in the sequel to "Men in Black" (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), asked President Obama something we all want to know: If aliens are real.

Although his Dad forbade the question, 13-year-old Jaden asked it anyway. As they were entering the situation room together, he said, "Excuse me Mr. President?"

Obama replied, "Don't tell me--the aliens, right? OK, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extra-terrestrials, but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting and if there would have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room."

When it comes to UFOs, we know what we're talking about, so if you want real information , read it here!

Well, a statement to me about the American President's relationship to the ufo question, is, all technology with the apellation Stealth has a demat/remat function built into it......which means it will do what the USS Andrew Eldritch did in August 1943, is that the right month? Bring your High School geometry to mind: it will perform 3D transliteration: the ship disappeared from Philadelphia Harbour & reappeared in Newark 'seconds'......"If an F117A were to do that, it is to be only on the orders of the President of the United States......they are never to demat/remat without the President's consent....." That's a very confidential statement to me. You all have probably heard that the 'dashboard', or console on a Stealth fighter looks incredibly reminscent of the captured alien craft, that is thinking along the right lines. People thinking that the clever answer is that the President is especially kept UNinformed simply don't know, dear Ann & Whitley & everybody.

the "Philadelphia experiment" didn't happen! One crazy guy writes some comments in a book (he allways wrote notes everywhere), sends it to the military which says: "what's this, check it out will You", and it ends up as books and a movie. It is utter crap that this nuttar has caused this urban legend, and that I walk around on this planet for decades believing it to be true. Only good thing about this nuttar is that he has showed how easily it is for conspiracy to spread. 9/11, aspartame, Roswell, reptillians etc. etc. - all covered with a ton of conspiracy. We - as people - like to conspire I thinK.
read or listen to this podcast:

There was the military fellow, surname Kern, (remember the pro-Philadeplphia people always wanted to find at least one copy of the August 1943 newspaper where the barmaids in a bar had started seeing sailors vanishing in front of them) and he was ordered to pulp masses of documents and ordered to look at none of them.....he just stood there doing the job shredding away.....for just one moment he looked at what the sheets were that he was destroying, and it was like a photostat of that very newspaper, he read something about a sailor "getting up and walking thru the wall in front of the barmaid", then he nervously carried on doing what his military bosses asked him. The ufo/paranormal field is full of spooks, covert military operatives.......Mufon men agreeing to do jobs for the military when approached and asked.......Mr. Frek, this is a strange website to pay for access to, in order to take such a position - I have spoken to plenty government operatives who've described some things you may well be "skeptical" of - then how do you check out these things? It actually costs a lot of money to check out things like that, then geeks who can't afford to, sit in front of computers coming out with unresearched drivel like you - because deep down, you just don't know. And you can't afford to know.

Anyone who visits the internet knows the every story can't be true. Remember the "face on Mars". It's not all or nothing. This site is about the truth that's why I come here. If anyone has investigated the Philadelphia experiment and found it to be a true story, I would like it if You have some link please?

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