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Moving into Allergy Land

When you move from one town to another, you can pick up a whole new set of allergies. For instance, people say that about five years after moving to Austin, Texas, you start to get your "Austin allergies." Is that possible?

It's possible for some people to acquire new allergies, and three to five years of exposure may be enough to trigger them. But there are other reasons why you may feel worse after moving from one city to another, especially a distant city. For example, some people are more sensitive to dry climates, he said, while for others, humid areas can make their noses feel horrible. The air in urban areas may have more irritants, like dust and mold from older buildings, than that in rural settings.

But moving makes some people feel BETTER. In the October 16th edition of the New York Times, C. Claiborne Ray quotes allergist William Reisacher as saying, "However, after being in that (new) environment for about three to five years, the body's immune system may begin to recognize the new mix of airborne particles as foreign invaders, and symptoms will resume.

"Also, you can't escape pollen just by living in the big city, because it travels for hundreds of miles on the wind."

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I live near Austin, and I can honestly say that I suffer from allergies just about anywhere within the state of Texas. The only medication that I take is one for allergies, and it helps only a little ( 15 years of daily Neti Pot use has kept me from sinus infections since the day I began using it!)

The last day that I had complete and total allergy relief was my last day spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico on a vacation trip there a few years ago. I also cannot handle humidity and low pressure systems, and fronts that push in dust and pollens ahead of them. My allergies also trigger migraines a couple of times a year too. Other than that, I am perfectly healthy, ha, ha. Truly. :-)

When I lived in Southern California (10 years) I never had allergy problems or migraines, but then where I lived everything was paved over and the smog was just awful. I moved back to Texas and within 6 months the allergies and migraines returned. I am a human barometer and if I never watched the weather forecast I would know when the weather is about to change anyway.

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