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Mother of Bombers: 'They were Set Up.' Grieving Mom or Terror Tactic?

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev claimed on CNN today that her sons were "set up." She said, “It’s impossible for them to, for both of them to do such things, so I am really, really, really telling you this is a set-up." She went on to claim that Tamerian became heavily involved in Islam, as a result of which he was "counseled" by the FBI for years. She did not explain what sort of counseling may have been involved. Rep. Peter King (R-NY), a former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said that the idea that the FBI would have set them up is "just absolutely wrong," and that to turn against the country that gave them asylum is "really offensive."

A technique that has been taught intensively in recent years in terrorist groups is how to drive a wedge of doubt between populations and governments, with special emphasis on terror attacks in the United States, where there is a significant level of distrust of the government. The internet is already buzzing with claims that this has been a 'false flag' attack. If this technique is in use in this case, then it would suggest that the claims being made by the mother are, in effect, also part of the terror attack. Obviously they could also be nothing more than the words of a distraught and desperately sad mother.

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to turn against the country that gave them asylum is "really offensive."

Really? Wait till Muslims live in large numbers in the US. I tried living in a Muslim area here in the UK for almost 5 yrs. I was driven out. Black AND White people left in droves.

This former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is shocked?

This chap needs to snap himself out of his pipe-dream.

You know, the real tragedy is that there are plenty of Muslims who aren't that interested in being religious and just want a quiet life like the rest of us.

Their all consuming problem though is just HOW do you distance yourself from a religion that will behead you and your family if you leave it?

The World faces off against a religion that kills anyone who tries to leave, and murders anyone who isn't a member. This doesn't suggest a 'happy ever after' outcome for this World, does it?

Give me a first class (au naturellement) ticket to Mars... I want to go back... is Rock Hudson still living up there with Roddy McDowell? If so, then I hope to Moses that he has changed his outfit. That two piece suit he was wearing back in the day was cringe-worthy to say the least.

Anyway, I digress...

Are you the last Martian?

I'd like to see how the Mom explains the convenience store robbery caught on tape, the fact that they told the carjack victim that they were the marathon bombers, the fact that they were armed to the teeth to engage in a shootout with police, also caught on video, or the simple fact that they were running in the first place and didn't turn themselves in when identified on video, like another initial suspect (from photos) did who knew he was innocent. I can understand parents being in denial, but this is probably a good time for them to just shut up. I know we need to reserve judgment, but to me this is clearly going in the jihad terrorism direction. One of the tragedies here is I think we'll find the older brother sucked the younger brother into all this fanaticism, who otherwise would have had a fine life here as an American citizen.

As to that whole "false flag" theory, isn't it clear by now that most of the people talking on the internet these days are either fools with a keyboard or in some cases agents of disinformation? I find most conspiracy theorists to be ultimately unreasonable, if not delusionally paranoid, and that includes some who make it onto Dreamland. And as Whitley implies in a recent Dreamland interview, there seem to be a lot of internet commentators out there who might not even be individuals, but a coordinated effort being made by larger organizations unknown (if so I suspect corporations and conservative funded think-tanks, and perhaps "black" government organizations in the case of the UFO issue) to sway public opinion on various issues. I've noticed this very clearly for example on the issue of electric cars, as found in some parts of the (conservative) media and on various car forums. The tip-off I think is the jeering tone one usually finds there, like a bullying style. In the case of EV's (electric vehicles), I realized finally that there were too many instances of bullies at the ready to vehemently shoot down EV news or positive EV talk, and far out of proportion to people I'd meet in everyday life. To take it a step further, it's not hard to identify those who stand to lose from significant adoption of EV's, and the money at stake. (I own one of the first Chevy Volts and it's absolutely fantastic--most Volt owners will tell you it's easily the best car they ever owned.) Same could be said perhaps about UFO material and how that gets ridiculed very quickly, creating a reluctance for people to even discuss the subject among themselves.

>convenience store robbery caught on tape< They were not robbing the store - they walked in on a robbery in progress. (dumb luck)

I found the Politico article informative and accurate. The parents are typically in denial.

>most conspiracy theorists to be ultimately unreasonable< Couldn't agree more!

Sorry, but this is a major FALSE FLAG. It has all the telltale signs. There's a whole lineup of patsies waiting in the wings, including their convenient 'the Muslims did it'. They [FBI, Homeland Security, etc.] were going to blame it on a so-called right wing extremist. But, that got blown to hell because of the real-people media exposing their op, and challenging it. Really, folks, all you have to do is follow the *real evidence*, be like Perry Mason, and not 'sheeple-follow' what the brain-drain media spews out of its rump.

The pipe dream, imo, is believing this isn't a false flag event. Take the blinders off, please!

Thanks, unknowncountry editors for your restraint. Please forgive me if this comment is too inflammatory or repeats my last comment too much. In an attempt to avoid a flame war, I will restrain myself to this comment.

If we are to assess sources equally, then the conspiracy and false flag sites fail miserably. I looked at the pictures on prison planet and see nothing inconsistent with security at a large event. Undercover security, bomb squads and fbi are expected to be available at these events, and in a big city like Boston, they are probably stationed there. And, in the aftermath, there will be confusion in which things like a bleacher will be checked for more bombs.

To jump from these pictures to a false flag theory is paranoid and delusional at best, or calculated incitement in order to generate web traffic or worse. At least that is how I consider it. Sorry if this disrespects and conflicts with your views.

I have seen no evidence that they were going to blame right wing extremists and were forced to change the plan. If anything, the official sources have been calling for restraint and asking for the people to let the investigation proceed without assuming who the perpetrators were.

Of course, I am limited, so if there is compelling evidence to back the claim that an original plan to blame right wingers was foiled, I may have missed it, yet remain interested in seeing it.

In the meantime, the real dangers are plainly reported and acknowledged by all. We are under constantly surveillance. A city is locked down and militarized. Miranda rights are deemed unnecessary. Fear about the danger is spread through the community to where residents are cheering these actions.

This outcome does not require a false flag operation, yet raises questions about freedom, privacy and security nonetheless.

You are easily led if you believe the tales of the ruling elite/media complex. This does indeed bear the marks of another false flag operation.

And, by the way, you might wish to review the FBI's involvement with "terror" suspects:

And, for a more detailed and revealing account, I strongly suggest the book The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, by British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

Listening to the media when this all unfolded it is impossible to get an accuracy of the events as they were happening as they would go back and change information around. I don't think we are being told the truth of anything of what went down, despite the constant blitzkrieg of imagery the public is being shown on the massive Police/Military state and what it looks like.

Retail cameras assist in investigations; Boston suspects robbed a Shell c-store, not 7-Eleven as widely reported

False Flag operational believers... American Secret Government is no mystery. To believe this would be a false-flag conspiracy I will suppose you believe in Santa Claus.

It is far easier to believe government has something to do with two young foreigners, lost in youth with the younger one following in the footsteps of his older brother - than to take responsibility in how you deal with diversity.

If you have dealt with a Russian influenced individual, you would know that their frame of mind is cold-hearted from decades & centuries of struggle their culture has endured. These two young men endured more than we could imagine in their short lives than we will be witnessed to in our entire lifetime. Hence, why 3rd world countries like to see Americans suffer - the same suffering American/so-called-free-enterprise war profiteers have inflicted upon regions where that culture has been deemed primitive or uncivilized.

I have witnessed conspirators and new age cult followers go insane when they cannot handle the fact they had invested in beliefs that took their power. To truly believe this was a false-flag... ??? and screaming for the rest of the world to wake up???


Or in other words - who IS profiting from creating the conspiracies???

False flag?? So it didn't happen? People weren't killed or maimed. The cop wasn't killed, the hijacked car didn't happen, the store wasn't robbed, there wasn't a shoot out etc etc etc. Unfortunately, it did happen and it's real. The brothers are guilty but my biggest fear is that there are more of these morons out there.

Nancy, respectfully, False Flag does not mean "it did not happen". And it does not mean those two brothers didn't do it. Google this term, and learn about how the world works a bit!

I live in Indonesia, and am a U.S. Citizen. I think it happened the way it is being reported. Why?

I'm not overly gullible, brainwashed, or blindly patriotic. I merely know for a fact that there are fundamentalists living right here in Indonesia who are secretly cheering the guys who did this, and who have no connection to the Illuminati or the Mossad, I'm quite sure. There are radical Muslims here that would have volunteered to pull this off themselves if they were offered a chance. They're not secretly FBI agents, for Pete's sake. I got up on a platform and lectured to a few of them once in a remote fishing village called Grupuk on the island of Lombok shortly after 9/11, advocating non-violence.

After the Bali Bombing, when 300 died, I was there, and volunteered at the hospital as a translator. There were small groups of Indonesians in the country that thought this terrible bombing was a victory! They wore congratulatory messages to Al-Qaeda (rightly or wrongly) on the their t-shirts. Muslim fanatics who want to kill really do exist, and the people I am describing really do exist.

In no way am I dissing the religion of Islam itself, some of my best friends are Muslims. I live in a Muslim country. BUT:

I think this time we are being told the truth. Is there more to this? Has to be. Is the government going to take advantage of this to install all those surveillance drones? Of course they are. But I think in this case, theories about those two guys being innocent, or "they didn't even do it at all" are going to be unnecessary. Keep an open mind about conspiracies, but not so open yer damn brains fall out and you become a fanatic yourself.

curious-er and curious-er.

It may be needful to consider why anyone in any country could be tried exclusively in the courts of an extremely biased MSM machine. Why do people seem so eager to judge others today after merely channel surfing, or possibly even only headline surfing their way to truth? Where is the hard evidence presented? Could it be that we are being conditioned to do just that?

I am not asking “why do some people hate America?” I will leave you to do your own homework there.. I love my country, yet question what it is becoming.

The simple fact that people collectively cheer about the equally brutal destruction of one human being and the bloody capture of another in exchange for a sense of relief without knowing any solid facts of the matter should seem disturbing to say the least. Anything goes with thinking like that! What is the true purpose of such a diversion?

I cannot remember the DREAM content from last night BUT I woke up thinking of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. For me this short youtube says a lot.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Dear Father

Well gee thanks Jack for setting me straight. Personally I don't listen to or watch Alex Jones or the Truthers or Dooms day Preppers. I don't buy their paranoia. It's a new mental illness that has gripped so many people and most of them seem to be disenfranchised males with no purpose.

>I don't listen to or watch Alex Jones or the Truthers or Dooms day Preppers. I don't buy their paranoia. It's a new mental illness that has gripped so many people and most of them seem to be disenfranchised males with no purpose.<


Thank you Nancy for providing us with the best analogy of these alarmists I have ever read - I'm still laughing!

People that support the 'False Flag' notion have very little idea of how an operation like this would work. They think it all can be done like in the Jason Bourne movies :)

Yeah, the Legion of Doom, or whatever evil organization was responsible pulled this complete elaborate False Flag operation. And just to make sure they succeed, they equipped their patsies with bombs made out of... pots and pans. Maybe this evildoers have their secret headquarters in the kitchen isle at Sears.

As for listing the Alex Jones site as a credible news source... A while back I came across an Alex Jones podcast reading a historical book for the listeners. He read it as FACT. Problem was the book (The Lost Book Of Enki) was listed as FICTION by the Author himself (Sitchin). But hey, why let truth get in the way of a good story.

I will say this though - conspirators make the best companion if you don't want to get bored. If you watch TV with them they'll tell you that everything, including Spongebob Squarepants, is a conspiracy in some shape or form. If they have a headache it's because the gov't put something in the air. If they're constipated it's because the gov't put something in the water...

Speak for yourself. The experts at pulling off false flag ops are those that execute it and their ability to control the discussion afterwards and they have a sordid history of doing so. The main thing is, the notion that a suspect is guilty without due process is what is getting amplified in full view of American styled "democracy", but no facts of the matter are allowed to present themselves as to the objectivity of what went on. Our idea of reality is what various agencies and media outlets say and we're supposed to just rely on what they say as fact. Might as well hand one's brain on a silver platter.

RT article: Where the dots don't connect

The domination of how events unfold by military/police and media and using terrorism as a means to deny rights is similiar to how the Nazis manipulated the Reichstag Fire event to further their own agenda and eliminate the German Republic Constitution. For those who need a lesson in history, definitely check all the pertinent details that were exposed by Dimitrov when Nazi officials and courts tried to convince the world that he was part of the plot to overthrow the government via the burning down of the Reichstag. Where the facts were not permitted in the fascist court, Dimitrov had to present the facts which were undeniable.

Let the facts speak for themselves.

@sunburst - Here you are saying "Our idea of reality is what various agencies and media outlets say and we're supposed to just rely on what they say as fact. Might as well hand one's brain on a silver platter"... followed by a link to RT news - Russia Today news (can you even call that news) - Putin's pet project?

You said "Let the facts speak for themselves"... I'm all for that but this is an op-ed. I mean you do know that op-ed is a newspaper article that expresses the opinions of a named writer. I fail to see how opinions are facts.

Not to say that the media here isn't corrupted but you're talking about opinions from the granddaddies of corruption and propaganda. Talk about " hand one's brain on a silver platter"

As for the history lesson - I concur that false flag operations DO happen, but even the example you gave remains inconclusive to historians. Some say the Nazis did it, others say they just took advantage of what happened. I hardly think this makes your point.

@el Gingo - The Leipzig Trial exists despite your claim that it "remains inconclusive to historians." It's not inconclusive because the facts are spelled out in the transcripts which prove that the Nazis wanted to do away with the Consitution of the Republic and to excercise emergency powers that denied the rights of people. If you haven't read or investigated the Leipzig transcripts yourself why are you even commenting on it?

Secondly, RT is a media outlet that puts out alternative perspective on the events that are being covered - alternative to western propaganda and corruption of Fox/MSN/CNN/NYTimes. and so forth. But again similiar - the information being presented is not facts themselves, as you say. Point taken, but it also confirms my point that none of the media is reporting facts, but what agencies are saying as facts.

So to sum up my points: Be well-rounded in what other media has to say about the events, but don't simply rely on them. Fact finding and being informed of the facts is what we should be demanding at this time. The right to be informed of the facts is paramount.

@sunburst - I agree that the media spins everything. Yes, there is American propaganda. But substituting American propaganda for Russian propaganda is like saying you're NOT an alcoholic anymore because you've switched from Jack Daniels bourbon to Stolichnaya vodka.

As for the Reichstag fire, please point me to WHERE exactly has the matter has been settled of whether this was the work of the Nazis or they simply capitalized on this unfortunate event. As I said before, I don't think that theories, no matter how good, can qualify as facts.

What happened afterwards is correct, but then again I never disputed that.

@el Gringo. I disagree with your analogy only because I feel that RT actually does provide *better informative content* than US media. Your analogy fits better with US media passing between Fox and CNN as being diametrically opposed but the same brand of alcoholism, in which informative facts is minimum. I don't personally embrace RT's analysis of events, but I do weigh content and quality of information between media.

As for the Leipzig Trial which is documented historically (and I am sure you would be able to find it if you feel that you would be so inclined to inform yourself) a main source would be Leipzig 1933 by Sofia Press in which verbatim reports of the trial are included. It would be better for you to read and inform yourself directly with source information rather than simply rely on scant theories of historians themselves, whoever they are and whatever they represent.

@sunburst - To each his own. I respect your opinion but I don't see how RT can qualify as a credible source. It functions as a mouthpiece for the Kremlin.

As for the Leipzig trial, I think you may have misunderstood what I said. My point is that it's all theories. I could read the edition you mentioned and come to the same exact conclusion as you... would that transform the theory into a fact? I don't think so... it would just mean it gained another adept.

However I find it interesting that you point me to a book written by Georgi Dimitrov (Leipzig 1933), the communist Bulgarian leader who was indicted for the burning (falsely or not).

Isn't that a little bit biased to say the least? What's the guy charged with the crime going to say? And since when are communist leaders credible - throughout history they've been nothing but leaches sucking the blood of the people and feeding them propaganda.

What makes neo-communist RT news & old communist leaders like Dimitrov so credible in your eyes?

Arghhhh - but we're flying waaaaayyyy off topic with this. The original point was that I don't see any facts pointing to a false flag operation... barring RT op-eds and such. There are some things that need further explaining, I agree.

@el Gringo. You are certainly free to entertain all sorts of theories to yourself about the book to justify *not* investigating and informing yourself. That's your prerogative. I refer the verbatim reports in that book because they are included in there. I also refer that you should be able to find the Leipzig Trial on your own efforts should you choose to do so (you are free to find an online source that carries it) Once we're on the same page with that material, then we can have a proper discussion on the Leipzig Trial.

@sunburst - Yes, I did, and here is one example: British reporter Sefton Delmer witnessed the events of that night firsthand, and his account of the fire provides a number of details. Delmer reports Hitler arriving at the Reichstag and appearing genuinely uncertain how it began and concerned that a Communist coup was about to be launched. Delmer himself viewed Van der Lubbe as being solely responsible, but that the Nazis sought to make it appear to be a "Communist gang" who set the fire, whereas the Communists sought to make it appear that Van der Lubbe was working for the Nazis, each side constructing a plot-theory in which the other was the villain.

But once again we're talking "around" the subject, which isn't Leipzig but Boston.

@el Gringo. Citing (although can you really call your post that?) wikipedia is not investigating source information. You actually have to get off your ass and due diligence.

The vagueness of presenting facts to claims made or prevention of facts to be presented in a case is suspect of an ulterior agenda/motive - like Leipzig, like Boston. Different period, but similiar in a few aims 1) to instil in the public that there is a threat 2) that public has been saved by the state (fascist in the case) and 3) the public disrespect and open contempt of the Constitution and denial of rights, such as due process, the fourth amendment, by said state etc. 4) the domination of the discussion without the facts by the state via the monopoly media.

Gringo and sunburst

@sunburst - Yes, you propose a nice theory... but it's just a theory. You could be right, I think you're not. As for Leipzig - I don't see any factual connections, just your speculations. The only point I agree with is 4 - that one is visible. I will "get off my ass" as you so eloquently put it when you can give me some factual reasons to (not speculations)... if I had to chase every McNutty conspiracy theory out there I'd go broke really fast.

Mind you that I do not dismiss conspiracies - like the Breakaway civilization which I actually believe... But in this case I just don't see it - like you said, "let the facts speak" and really they don't scream 'conspiracy' to me.

But let's agree to disagree as gentlemen - as yesterdays news put it... this isn't our forum to bicker on :) Good luck. I'm moving on.

The 'wetiko' bug in action, right here, right now.

Please wake up, everyone.

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