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The Missing Plane: The Pentagon Says it Didn't Explode

According to a New York Times report, The Pentagon said today that a system it uses to detect the flashes of explosions around the world did not detect any such flash anywhere in the region on the night that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared.

The Malaysian military has denied that its radars tracked the missing Malaysian Airlines plane over the Straits of Malacca. Previous reports said that it had tracked the plane flying at low altitude over the straits, which gave rise to the idea that hijackers might have been attempting to fly it under radar coverage, perhaps in an attempt to carry out a 911-style attack on an Indian city.

Search teams have broadened the search area to include much of the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca, despite the fact that the Malaysian military has now denied reports that it detected the plane over the straits.

It can take days to find a crashed airliner, but it is very unusual for large aircraft to go permanently missing. While a number of small planes have been lost either at sea or over isolated areas in recent years, no plane the size of a Boeing 777 has ever been lost, and so far it is still anticipated that the plane will be found at some point.

The last large airliner to disappear without a trace was Flying Tigers Flight 739, a Lockheed Constellation that disappeared without a trace over the Western Pacific Ocean on March 15, 1962 with 107 people on board. The plane was never found, and it was assumed that the cause had been a massive onboard explosion--exactly the kind of explosion that would have been detected by the Pentagon's system, had Flight MH370 exploded.


The fact that the plane continued flying so far with no transponder and no comms from the flight crew, assuming all of that information is correct, means something extremely odd was going on. One story said that our own satellite information suggests that there was no mid-air explosion in the area. And the press seems very limp on chasing down some obvious questions, like "what could cause the transponder to stop working? Can it be shut off from the cockpit, or intentionally damaged like by a gunshot, or would some kind of electrical failure be necessary?" Apparently the last known position from civilian equipment came from the transponder and not from radar. But it was odd that the transponder info only came to light recently. Wouldn't it have been obvious that it failed given the sudden disappearance? But instead, early reports made it look like the plane was on radar and then disappeared. It seems pretty clear to me that the most likely scenario is that the transponder was intentionally silenced, and there was at least an attempt to fly the plane somewhere else while evading known radar (which requires specialized knowledge), either in a hijack or by the crew itself.

IMO, if the Malaysian military radar picked up this plane at all, there would be clear signs whether it was under normal sustained power on a steady heading or in trouble. They would also know where it last left their field of view (in other words, we'd have a path of travel with a start point and an end point), and yet I don't think any of this has been revealed, possibly because it would be sensitive information about their capabilities. There is a lot not being revealed here! This story certainly has my attention and I'm wondering if we'll ever find out the truth. I had not thought about the "attack" possibility, but my gut feeling is that's not the answer.

My guess is that either the pilot or co-pilot, probably not both, wanted to crash this plane somewhere it would not be likely to be found. He might not have known about the military radar that tracked him heading on a different course. Probably while the cockpit door was locked, one killed the other as discreetly as possible and switched off the transponder. Probably a gentle turn to change heading so that the passengers wouldn't be aware on this nightflight (assuming there was no GPS display on this plane). Fly under the radar (except the unknown military one) to the planned crash area. I would look for a deep spot of the reachable ocean, known to be outside of radar range, and not near known shipping lanes, where he probably took the plane up again to altitude and then pointed it straight down at maximum speed into the ocean. I think they're already doing this, but every last detail they can obtain about the private lives (and insurance policies) of the flight crew should be investigated. If the plane crashed in a miles-deep ocean location, recovery of the black boxes might be impossible. With sufficient speed and vertical ocean impact, there might also be no large enough piece left to float where it might be found. If that's what actually happened, that airliner and the horrible fate of the passengers and crew might truly be missing forever.

The transponder failure was the first indication that something was wrong. Given that there was no catastrophic failure of the airplane, not if it was flying over the Straits of Malacca an hour later, then it had to have been turned off from the cockpit, which can be done. The plane almost certainly next headed down in a steep dive to get under radars. If the dive is steep enough, civilian radars will kick out the signal on the theory that it's a falling meteor. Below 10,000 feet only military radars would pick anything up, and they only cover limited areas in that region. If it was indeed still flying over the straits, and below radar coverage, as appears to be the case, then unless something very, very bizarre had happened, such as a sudden decompression that rendered the pilots unconscious and left the autopilot to wander, it was under control. I think it was hijacked.

I understand that the whole world is puzzled about the true nature of this event. For me, it goes beyond that. As soon as I heard about the missing airplane several days ago, I attempted to contact the people on the plane---thinking that they were in all likelihood deceased. Instead, I saw the people from the flight locked in a big room with gray walls. They were all upset and trying to find a way out of the room. I could not connect to any person in that room, and I could tell that they had no awareness of me. I might have understood a few of the passengers being in that room, and not being aware that they were dead, but every passenger? It all felt very odd to me compared to anything I have experienced in the past. I have never experienced fear in my interactions with those on the other side, but this little vision of a gray room with passengers trying to escape seriously creeped me out.

Cosmic Librarian,

Weird...when I pondered this I kept getting
'Davy Jones' Locker'.

I dreamt about a plane at the beginning of march being in distress it was rocking from side to side I woke up feeling upset it was quite a vivid dream I even wrote the dream on facebooks starborn psychic page when I woke from it I was that convinced something was going to happen.

COSMIC...In reply to your color gray.....

A few nights ago, while dreaming, I saw light brown leather shoes. Although I did not see a face, this felt like a connection to a man. He had on GRAY trousers but the trouser legs were the only thing visible. As he walked, his shoes kept SQUEAKING; the shoes were of a casual loafer style. This was a brief image in the dream but it has stayed with me for several days now. The image had an ominous feel to it and felt like a scene from an old mafia type movie.

Late this afternoon CNN is reporting that China has released satellite images from a location not far from the last known transponder contact, taken on Sunday, that show possible crash debris. Best lead so far. If that turns out to be parts of this plane, then the radar data that suggested the flight turned back over Malaysia was incorrect. It would also bring terrorism or catastrophic failure back as the leading candidates for what happened. We'll see!

This missing jet here has really been on my mind, like I can't shake the feeling there's more going on here.

As long as we're sharing psychic impressions here...

My first flash impression on the subject was a quick shot of the continent of Africa, with a feeling of its East Coast. Nothing more. Then a couple of days ago I got this flash of "Seychelles" in my mind, but didn't think a whole lot of it. Now I've certainly heard of the place, but I couldn't point to it on a map; if I had to guess I would have (incorrectly) said it's in the Caribbean somewhere. So today I checked Google Earth and other online resources and turns out it's in the western Indian ocean, about 800-900 miles from the East Coast of Africa. In terms of jet range, it's about 500 miles further from Malaysia than Beijing (the original destination). But given that the jet made part of its journey in a different direction before going "off the grid", it might have had enough fuel to get there or not, or there might have been an intermediate stop to get there. About half way in between are the Maldives, Male, or Sri Lanka.

This is all very wild speculation of course, but I wanted to record this somewhere "just in case". I believe the U.S. government is considering all scenarios, including the idea that this jet may have been landed somewhere to be "repurposed" for some kind of later terrorist act. We also have the mild mystery of how some passenger cell phones rang through for a while without going direct to voice mail, for a couple of days. And if it flew for four more hours, as has been suggested by unreliable reports that the engines themselves were still transmitting data, then IMO it was either hijacked and crashed while in the process of being flown somewhere else, or it actually landed somewhere under the intentional direction of either a very knowledgeable hijacker (who could disable the transponder system, which was also done on most of the 9/11 jets) or one of the pilots. Given that there was a very casual ATC exchange *just before* the transponder went off line, and "coincidentally" right at the point when being handed from one control tower to another, I'm guessing the pilot or pilots would be directly involved somehow.


Anyone who has a strong feeling about this event certainly needs to post their gut feelings NOW. Very often people think their own insights are silly; intuitive feelings then go without voice. JUST SAY/TELL IT.

I don't feel that the pilots were involved, or in control. DARPA has developed technology that allows a car to be literally taken over through the vehicle's computer system. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the same could be done with an airplane. If that is the case, would the authorities from any country be willing to acknowledge this?

Whatever the true story is, I feel doubtful that we will hear it, and I also feel that the blame could be pinned on one or both of the pilots. Knock out communications first, then the transponder, then direct the plane wherever you want it to go. That is a very terrifying concept, and it might also explain the gray room I mentioned earlier with people trying to get out. Sometime after the transponder went off, the pilots, and eventually the passengers, would find out that the plane was being flown by an unknown source. Since it was night when it 'disappeared', and all systems under remote control, no one on the plane would have a clue about where they were for several hours. It had to be awful for everyone.

COSMIC, one more thought (when you wrote).

.....thinking that they were in all likelihood deceased. Instead, I saw the people from the flight locked in a big room with gray walls. They were all upset and trying to find a way out of the room......

Could that gray room they were locked into have actually been the airplane and they were trying to find a way out?


In a word, yes. If the plane was taken over and flew on for several hours, and the people knew it, it would have become a prison for them with no escape.

Before this incident, I connected (Feb 14th) with a victim of JAL Flight 123, the worst air disaster in history. That plane did not just crash, those people were in agony for at least a half hour before he plane crashed into a mountain, killing over 500 people.

This is why I am so wrapped up in this current incident. I posted a link to my blog previously about JAL 123, and I just think it is no coincidence that this is coming up now for me. Oh, and directly after my 'connection' to the victim of JAL 123, and on the same day, I heard Starfire Tor discuss her childhood and the angel that showed her she would be involved with changing timelines by showing her an airplane.

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