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MERS Goes Global in 18 Countries: Was It Originally Engineered to be Race-Specific?

The new SARS-like virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection (MERS), is spreading across the planet, and the World Health Organisation has labelled it a "threat to the entire world."

The virus, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) originally said would never pose a threat outside the Middle East, has now reached 18 countries across the world. Cases have now been confirmed in Jordan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Great Britain.

MERS was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and since then 173 people have died from contracting the disease, about one third of those infected. It is transmitted through close contact, and the elderly or very young are particularly vulnerable to its symptoms, which take the form of acute respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, a cough and shortness of breath, with severe complications that include pneumonia and kidney failure.

Three cases have been confirmed in the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced today after an unidentified Illinois man tested positive for the deadly respiratory virus yesterday. The first case of MERS was identified in Indiana two weeks ago, and the CDC have revealed that the latest victim had contracted the disease after having a 30 minute business meeting with the Indiana patient.

The other US cases had contracted the virus whilst abroad, but this is the first known transmission of the disease within the US.
The CDC and state officials are now working hard to try and contain the spread of the virus by hunting down any person known to have had contact with the current victims. One of the patients who has tested positive for MERS did not require medical care and "is now reported to be feeling well."

MERS was originally thought to have made the leap to humans from camels, but the most likely form of trans-species contagion is now believed to be from Egyptian Tomb bats. There is currently no dedicated treatment for MERS, and no prospect of a vaccine in the near future. Sufferers can only expect supportive care for their symptoms, so preventative measures, such as good hygiene, thorough hand-washing and avoidance of sick people and animals, particularly camels or bats.

But is this the real story? Could this virus have mutated from cameline or noctilionine versions, or was it actually genetically engineered? Some sources suggest that it was created specifically to target certain ethnic groups of people, such as those from the Middle East, and so far the spread of MERS seems to be consistent with this theory. In those cases that have occurred outside of Saudi Arabia, the victims' nationalities have not always been disclosed but, intriguingly, information suggests that MERS does appear to be race-specific and has predominantly affected those of Arabic descent.

The idea of a race-specific bio-weapon is not a new one, and rumors of such government-sponsored projects have abounded in recent years. Anonymous Israeli and U.S intelligence sources have apparently claimed that modified bacterium and viruses are being researched for the production of a bio-weapon that could be propagated through air and water supplies, perhaps even for an "ethnic cleansing" project.

Whether these rumors have any basis in fact, are pure speculation, or are cynically premeditated, only time will tell; as with all so-called "conspiracy theories," sometimes such rumors are disseminated as a form of disinformation designed to promote fear and destabilise certain communities. One thing is certain, however: whatever its origins, MERS now poses a significant health risk across the globe and we can only hope and pray that it does not claim any more lives.

OH GOD ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

concerning the BAT connection: Jonathan Ball, virologist for the University of Notingham (UoN) commented: - “Even if this proves to be the case, bats are unlikely to be the source of the continuing Mers outbreaks. Humans and bats just don’t interact very much. It’s much more likely that an intermediate animal is involved – and finding out what this animal is is key if we are to eradicate this virus before it becomes a bigger problem.” Ian Jones, professor for the University of Reading said: “The surprising overall message is that the bats of (Saudi Arabia) are not awash in the virus, quite the opposite as only one example was found and that appeared to be incomplete. The main reservoir for this virus and how it gets to infect people remains unclear at this stage.” - See more at:

the other "Night is Coming" site is a doomsday apocalyptic Christian sacko wacko site and it should not carry merit.
the "Unhived Mind" site asks the conspiracy question then NEVER ATTEMPTS TO ANSWER IT. thus it was hyperbolic poodoo.

23abc: states ""This virus has spread from ill people to others through close contact, such as caring for or living with an infected person. However, there is no evidence of sustained spreading in community settings."

so lay off the conspiratorial crap and just report what it IS as WE KNOW IT. a contagious and deadly virus that attacks all races equally and originated... again, originated in the middle east. all flue viruses originate in Asia is it a bioweapon too?

please pay attention to what you're reporting or ill unsubscribe.

In a world where facts are so easily obfuscated the truth can often be hidden in the shadows. In order to maintain a balanced view, it can be necessary to explore a variety of angles without necessarily subscribing to any of them. Yes, this is a controversial theory, but do you only believe "truths" that are backed up by peer-reviewed scientific articles?

Because these, as we know, are not infallible...

A few weeks ago, WHO said that MERS would never spread beyond the Middle East...

The brilliant thing about the news articles on UC is that they provoke a healthy debate. Sure we may disagree, but don't vilify UC for attempting to surface and discuss all potential theories. I don't see ANYWHERE in this article that is supporting the conspiracy viewpoints, only that it is bringing them to our attention so that we have a panoramic view of the issue.

It is commonly accepted that SARS originated in bats, so clearly some inter-human contact must have occurred.

I'm a subscriber, for a number of reasons, but one being the desire to support something that is courageous in reporting stories that no-one else has the balls to do - and I applaud that. I'm not after the mainstream myopic viewpoint....

Thanks for reporting on this serious health risk. I must do some investigating and see if I can find out if (MERS) has reached Mexico yet (I moved to Mexico from the U.S. about four years ago). And I really appreciate the courage of UC to inform us of all the sides of the issue, not just the politically correct spin that the mainstream media churns out. I too appreciate UC because it refuses to capitulate to enforced language and ideas, and instead, works hard to bring us the whole story.

re Adam; yea those NON reviewed articles are way better. also, the headline of this article brings up the conspiracy question then doesn't address it at all. that's just bad journalism. Finally concerning the ludicrious idea that IT"S COMMONLY Accepted to BE BATS Here's what the CDC says about that bunk.

What is the source of MERS-CoV?
A: We don’t know for certain where the virus came from. However, it likely came from an animal source. In addition to humans, MERS-CoV has been found in camels in Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and a bat in Saudi Arabia. Camels in a few other countries have also tested positive for antibodies to MERS-CoV, indicating they were previously infected with MERS-CoV or a closely related virus. However, we don’t know whether camels are the source of the virus. More information is needed to identify the possible role that camels, bats, and other animals may play in the transmission of MERS-CoV.

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