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Mass UFO Sighting over Houston

UFO sightings are commonplace, and videos of unexplained objects are made every day. It is not every day, however, that an object appears over a large city and remains unidentified. This is what happened on August 12 over Houston, and so far the large object ringed with lights remains unidentified. It is possible, of course, that it is a large drone being flown by a hobbyist/hoaxer, but the device would have had to have been at least 50 feet across, larger than any drone that can be bought off the shelf.

If this was a genuine unknown object, it has features reminiscent of one of the Hudson Valley UFOs that were seen in the early 1980s in upstate New York, specifically one that appeared with lights flashing around its periphery. Such a UFO had been reported by local people in the weeks prior to Whitley Strieber's famous 1985 encounter, but was unknown to him at the time.

Another mass UFO sighting, the Phoenix Lights, was accompanied by sightings of a large triangular object that traversed the region. The lighted triangular object passed over the whole state of Arizona on the night of May 13, 1997. Governor Fyfe Symington, who initially debunked the incident, later admitted that he had personally been a witness, and that the triangle was 'otherworldly.'

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Well, this is interesting...

Very intriguing. Too bad there was no video.

Did you see the poll results at the end....99% believe in Extraterestials!

Individuals in their own way are ready for contact with extraterrestrials, however our respective governments are still under the impression that their own citizens belong under their control and try to micromanage their lives in any way possible. Collectively, it is imperative that we break their hold on us before it strangles us to death.

Well I can say I believe in people from somewhere else. But did anyone explain what this circular object was? Or where was the video instead of stills? We have been teased by just this type of thing for decades. If it was really flying thru US airspace why didn't the military investigate it? Very frustrating!!!

Even if it were fake, just by trying to figure out what it was, raised a lot of questions that can neither be explained nor ignored in the mind of the average person who saw the photo. As for the military, they do a lot of investigating in secret, while publicly ignoring the UFO phenomenon or dismissing it as something trivial.

Houston is not the largest city, it is not the most interesting city, but it is the s.! excuse me. H. town is definitely a place where the visitors want to explore. They were checking on Jeff Kripal's interview with George Knapp! Maybe it is all of the above!

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