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Mad Cow Medicine

We don't hear much about Mad Cow Disease anymore (thank goodness), but scientists are studying the human form (Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease) because it has similarities to diseases that affect millions, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

All of these conditions are associated with a similar type of deformation in the structure of particular proteins that are needed for normal functioning. Dozens of diseases are linked to deformed proteins, including Type II diabetes, emphysema and even cataracts.

After they are formed in the body, each type of protein takes on a distinct shape, in a process called "folding." Failure to fold into the correct shape produces proteins that are often toxic. Cells have ways of getting rid of misformed proteins, but this ability gets weaker as we age, which is why so many of these diseases affect the elderly.

Deformed proteins can't be turned into "good" ones again, but scientists are trying to stop them from spreading throughout the body (or in the case of diabetes, throughout the pancreas). In the December 4th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Amy Dockser Marcus quotes neurologist Neil R. Cashman as saying, "Arrest it and we can potentially stop the disease."

Marcus quotes neurologist Kurt Giles, who has done experiments with mice that have Alzheimer's, as saying, "Amyloid-beta protein misfolding triggered the spread of the disease from cell to cell."

Scientists are trying to develop a test for misfolded proteins in the blood and, once those patients are identified, find a way to treat them. Will a test for misfolded proteins eventually become part of your annual checkup?

Anne Strieber discovered she had deformed proteins when she found her clothes were getting too tight. She thought they had all shrunk, until she realized she had gained weight due to Type II diabetes, a genetic condition that manifests in late middle age and makes it easy to gain weight and hard to lose it. She not only discovered WHY some of us have this gene, but what to do about it, and after three years of diet and exercise, she managed to lose 100 pounds. Our download has been REDUCED in price, so that YOU can reduce too!

This is one of those news stories that is suppressed... Currently there are raging epidemics of Prion Disease in deer populations in this country...

Morphological changes in DNA, have long been understood, as the basis of prion disease. Unfortunately, genetic engineering of DNA, is one of the causes those changes...

That's right, genetic engineering of DNA causes morphological changes in DNA. Initially when genetic engineering began, morphology was never considered to be important, so it was never considered to be an issue, in regard to safety.

It's only been recently understood how important DNA morphology is. The technology to understand, the Function of DNA morphology, is limited at best.

During the NVCJD plague in GB, there was never any definitive identification of why so many cattle were contaminated.

American cattle are some of the most highly genetically engineered animals. There are concerns that many cases of Alzheimers disease are mis identified NVCJD cases. Because autopsies are almost never done for Alzheimers disease.

No systematic testing of Cattle for NVCJD exists in this country.

We have (in Denmark) banned cow food made from cows since 1990 and animal protein in cow food since 1996. We test:
cows who have died without being slaughtered (and are older than 4 years)
cows who show signs of Mad Cow Disease
all cows older than 6 years
cows older than 4 years that show signs of illness

Since we have removed the possible source of the disease and test all old cows who may have been eating the cannibalistic cow food we should be 100% secure. I believe Japan test all (100%) of their cows, and isn't it something like 1% in the US?
Bettar not eat T-bone steaks!

* Don't read this if you have a sensitive stomach*
Your right Frek, we should do the same here. But we don't, in fact we do things here in the USA, with cattle that are unbelievable. First although we don't allow downer cattle, to be fed to other cattle in their feed, we do allow, dog feces, and chicken feces to be fed to cattle. Also cattle are fed ground up fish meal as a significant part of their food. We also grind up dead pets, cat's and dogs that have been euthanized are added to cattle feed as well. I am assuming that it's likely that something similar is done to the bodies of animals. used as test subjects in scientific experiments. But that's just a guess.

One would think that if all the precautions against feeding, cattle to cattle, taken in Denmark were taken here, it would solve the problem. However it doesn't. Because apparently NVCDJ, can arise spontaneously in animals, obviously they don't know how. And if those animals somehow end up in feed then, the potential for spreading the disease is down right astronomical. We appear to be taking the "hear no evil see no evil" approach toward this problem, like we do to so many things here in the USA.

Of course there is denial that cross species transmission takes place, but it does, because apparently it can cross species in contaminated urine, of cattle to deer. That apparently has been compounded by our government feeding deer populations cattle feed, to make up for loss of forage due to drought conditions.

Which brings me back to my central concern. The safety of genetically engineering food. While it might be nice to transfer the genes of Icleandic Cod blood into cows milk to make Ice Cream task wonderfully fattening, I have deep concerns about the resultant food.

My concern is that genetically modifying food is the culprit behind all of the new, plague of NVCJD. Back ground rates of NVCJD haven't changed much for people here despite, all of the filth, in cattle feed. Except in current plagues of Deer, and before that Elk. It is my concern, that humans have genetic resistance to NVCJD, that Deer and Elk do not. Indeed in GB it was fond that there was a human genetic component to the disease.

It is my concern that eventually due to the continued and ongoing introduction of genetically modified foods GMO's, that one day soon our genetic defenses may become overwhelmed, resulting in wide spread plague and death. Much as we see in populations of Deer, at present. One thing to bear in mind is that even vegetarians have contracted NVCJD. No causative agent could be identified. And NVCJD appears to have such a long latency period, we could be infected for decades without knowing it.

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