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The Legacy of 911: Toxic Dust

What is the legacy of 911? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). One of the less well-known results of that attack has to do with the TOXIC DUST that was given off when those buildings fell down. So far, over 60,000 people--mostly rescue workers or those who cleaned up the debris, but also people who lived in the neighborhood of the Twin Towers--have been diagnosed with chronic lung conditions they contracted that day.

These include asthma, constant coughing and also muscular and intestinal conditions. Early death is expected for many of them. The dust, which blew though lower Manhattan, contained a dangerous mix of chemicals and substances, including asbestos.

In BBC News, David Shukman quotes Dr. John Howard, of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, as saying that inhaling the dust caused people to "lose (the) capacity to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, and essentially your lung is forming a scar inside so you have less ability to breathe."

And it won't be over soon: Shukman quotes Troy Rosasco, a lawyer for some of the victims, as saying, "This is just the beginning. This is not--10 years out--the end. We're going to be facing people getting sick with 9/11 related injuries and illnesses for another 20 years at least."

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I work in the environmental industry and one of the first things I thought of following the initial shock and horror, was that the clouds of dust were full of asbestos! The interior columns of the towers were reportedly covered with spray-on insulation and I rememeber Christy Todd Whitman (the head of the EPA at the time) rushing to the scene. The latency period for asbestos-related diseases is approximately 10 to 20 years for asbestosis and 20 to 40 years for mesothelioma.

If it really was nanothermite that brought down the twin towers, it seems to me the "dust" from that highly-controled explosive would not be healthy to breathe.

it is to bad we peos can not believe the government story line any longer. since the death of JFK, RFK, the killing of an official in the clintion presidency, 911 and the list goes on. nothing the government line says any longer is truely believable any more. everytime some person get close or comes up with verification to this they seem to either go away after being threatened or they are terminated in a very mysterious way. come up missing?
for god sake get to and tell the truth, stop playing the peos in this country for fools.

I would like to suggest that there is more at work here than people as far as "government" goes. I suggest that the concept american society has of govt has lost much of its power, mainly due to an acute lack of participation by the everyday populace. Why? Simply because other uninvited entities have embodied as humans and have infiltrated every niche of society, especially govt (of course). This has been becoming more & more apparent to me the more I study these seeming "unsolvable/unsuspected" events that occur at times & dates beyond human ability to orchestrate. I think the real key to preventing these must simply be caring for others in a more wise & discerning manner. These occurances are planned in advance, I believe, to force humanity to take a closer look at what it values and why. Too much funny business goes on at the higher levels of bureaucracy to say otherwise. People are just too easily duped by the cosmic dust(alien presence) that's been blowing around our planet for a long time.

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