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Killer Popcorn

Arsenic in rice is bad enough--A US federal court jury recently awarded Wayne Watson over 7 million dollars in damages for developing a chronic condition known as "popcorn lung," after repeatedly inhaling the a chemical called diacetyl, which is used to give a "butter" flavor to microwave popcorn. The condition is an irreversible obstructive lung disease that makes it difficult for air to flow out of the lungs.

We warned you about this--several times--years ago. While popcorn is basically good for you, the "butter flavored" kind can be lethal.

The verdict was the latest in a group of cases in the past 15 years that started with workers in popcorn plants. Similar cases are pending in federal court in Iowa and in state court in New York. In this case, the jury reached its verdict in a day, after a nine-day trial.

Is NOTHING safe to eat or drink anymore? Anne Strieber's dynamic diet book has a chapter addressing this problem called "Fear of Food," and she's reduced the price $3 so that YOU can reduce too!

I remember that you warned us - as did the local and network news. But it would seem that nobody did anything about diacetyl - like ELIMINATING it from the ingredient list!
Unfortunately, I'm convinced that the average person has a great short-term memory for details, but has to 'filter' it out for long-term storage, and I'm betting that this issue is one that's fallen by the wayside.
Our household has given up on "butter-flavored" popcorn for that very reason. I'd frankly rather have the risk of saturated fat - and flavahh! - from REAL butter, than from a "butter wanna-be".
And in answer to your question, "Is NOTHING safe to eat or drink anymore?", I feel that the answer is a resounding NO!, as long as BIG AG has it's grubby little mitts in it! Their bottom line is PROFIT at ANY cost; their God is GREEN. And as long as we submit to their monopoly, things are going to remain the same. Money talks in this culture, unfortunately.
Please - Make SURE that your food supply is SAFE! - Safe from chemicals, contamination and above all, genetic alteration of Frankenstinean proportion.

All good reasons to go organic.

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